Articles related to lore in Pacific are stored here. This page is curated by the smart AI PALATINE. 

For a chronological order of events in the Pacific world refer to the timeline.

Section I: General

Information about Pacific, design processes, and ideas.

Section II: Shipgirls

Articles on Shipgirls.

Meet the Shipgirl (Extended Shipgirl Profiles):

Shipgirls of STEC

USN Shipgirls

Foreign Shipgirls

Additional articles on non-USN shipgirls in Pacific.        


Articles about fairies in Pacific


Articles focusing on discussing shipgirl equipment, weapons, and rigging.

Section III: The Abyssals

Additional articles on the Abyssal Fleet, the omnicidal antagonists of Pacific

Section IV: The World of Pacific

Articles on nations, organizations, factions, and alternate history of Pacific.

Alternate History

Articles on how history has changed for America and the world in general.

Special Task and Evaluation Command (STEC)

Articles on STEC, it’s operation, and personnel.

The STEC Archives

Historical Artifacts and Exhibits from the Abyssal War

Other Nations

Articles focusing on the states of other nations in this alternate timeline, how they are responding to the Abyssal threat, and the politics that come with defending humanity.



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