Lens of History (69): the Arctic

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Time (if known): [CLASSIFIED, pre-war]

Editor’s Note: While STEC is known for a highly mobile and fluid counter-Abyssal doctrine, it’s important to recognize that this is only part of STEC’s strategic operations.

Prior to the Abyssal War, STEC had (partially correctly) deduced that the Abyssals do not follow conventional military “logic.” Nonetheless, owning to the geographical location of the United States, it made certain areas more amenable to stationary defenses.

716 Calhoun Avenue
Juneau, Alaska]

Dear Marby,

Thank you for your excellent work as always. Please see attached highlights in my response to the report, pinned to the executive summary.

I am excited to have my state play an integral component of our fight against the Abyssal invaders. Looking forward to our upcoming meeting with Admiral Yin.


[Name Classified]

Executive Summary: Recent breakthrough in Abyssal research has resulted in the development of several prototype devices designed to influence Abyssal behavior. STEC is interested in the construction of one or more facilities that would enable the long-term investigation and development of these prototypic devices. The facilities would be primarily for defensive and/or field testing purposes, and would be home to a regular garrison of STEC personnel including shipgirls of the Strategic Reserve division.

Currently, STEC is actively investigating potential locations. Prospective locations include the Akutan islands, Point Barrow, and Kotzebue.

  1. Based on the report provided, I am elated to read that it may be possible to direct Abyssal forces away from major population centers. This work would be vital in the defense of the United States and the world at large, particularly if we can “corral” the Abyssals towards certain strategic locations or heavily fortified areas.
  2. While no governor would realistically want their state to be home to the equivalent of a transdimensional nuclear test black site with prospective world-ending alien invasion, I think it’s very reasonable for STEC to have prioritized my state for this task. The arguments are convincing – especially as the garrison is proposed to be located far from potential population centers. Additionally, to have a regular garrison of STEC shipgirls would be invaluable when the Abyssals eventually strike. 
  3. However, might I suggest an alternative? Given STEC’s “front” is an advanced research facility/institution of the United States Navy, might it be possible for STEC to consider positioning the HQ of this facility in Juneau or Anchorage? My office is working on a proposal that may result in tens of thousands of well-paying, meaningful jobs created for the people of Alaska as a part of this project, and I look forward to submitting it soon for STEC’s own internal review should such a collaboration be feasible.