The odd one out

Hi there!

I, um, wanted to actually talk to you about something else. Namely the drastic shifts in art style in, um, well, my portrayal…

But this is a good time for some head to head too, right?

Actually, you know, with the exception of Jer, the three of us are all not um, how should I say it, great talkers? Iowa’s plenty smart and Wisky’s pretty open too. Actually, come to think of it, Jer’s really secretive. You can’t ever know if she’s testing you or if she’s telling you off or if she’s being honest…

Yeah. It’s hard to introduce myself sometimes. Um, if I want to really talk, I think I’m nice. I like talking to people and making new friends. I like sharing food and sharing a good talk and I think it’d be great if we can make new friends, too. I like going with the flow and following my heart and just generally enjoying everything life has to offer.

…I can say all of that, right? But don’t you think it’s much better if I show you it instead? Have you eaten dinner yet? No? Why don’t you come with me then? We can grab a bite together. It’s a great way to deepen our relationship, haha!

No, really! I mean, I like making friends with everybody. You don’t need to overthink it. It’s not worth your brain cells. I mean if you really want to we could hang out after. You’ve met the rest of my sisters, right? If you haven’t I think you really should meet them. They are all characters. Very unique in terms of temperament (I think). You’d say that I’m the odd one out after meeting them!


Well, um, I mean, I’m the only one who likes to invite complete strangers to dinner. Iowa and Jer tend to be a little more standoffish (they’re still nice, don’t worry!) and even Wisky doesn’t really jump at a chance to meet new people. I do, though. I think it’s kind of important. The world doesn’t have a lot of friendliness in it today. Not a lot of trust either. I think we could do something about it.

Eh, well, I don’t know if it’ll really change in the future. You can’t predict it, or do anything about it. So you might as well ask, “what is it I can do right now that makes things better in this world?”

Yeah. Right now. Not soon. Not today. Not later. I think if we’re going to be nice, then be nice! Do it now! Why wait if you’ve already made up your mind? And, if you realized you’ve got the option of doing something nice, I bet you’d go ahead and – how’d Sanny put it? – just do it!

It’s why I always make sure there’s extra food. You know what they say. Sharing is caring!