[Mail Call 05/23/17] Questions time!

You know, while I was looking through my old sources, I thought to myself.

Hm. Why don’t I ask a question for once? Better yet. Why don’t I let the U.S. Navy ask the questions for me?

From the official U.S. Navy Submarine recruitment pamphlet during WW2.

“Do shipgirls ever get cold from wearing so little?”

Sort of? They do feel cold, but shipgirls can’t really get say, frostbite or hypothermia. STEC’s official answer to that is a shrug – many think it might be psychological more so than anything else.

For instance, you have Sculpin go out on a swim for say, six hours for a mission. Ask her how she’s like and she’ll say she’s fine.

“Are you cold?” “no.”

Then she get back on land, dries herself off, and then you’ll find her camping out next to Batfish’s computer for the entire night because “it’s cold and I dunnwannamove…”

Shipgirls are girls. Some really don’t care. Some others like Cal’ll probably whine about every little deviation from sunny 70 degree weather. Others might be discomforted by nice weather. Again, it’s all up to the individual girl.