[Mail Call 05/24/17] Sources & Misc. Questions

Answers to the sub questions here.

“Do you have a bigger version of the Enterprise icon?”

No, I’ll have to ask Zero for it. You can have a sprite New Jersey though. x)

Anyways. Let me round up a bit of what we’ve been up to at this point. Again, as our only logistics person is Zero, with something like 4 books on the horizon, it’ll be ready when they’re ready.

Zero’s traveling. All the rest of us are busy. So that’s basically where the team is. No conventions coming up other than … I believe something in Japan prior to Comiket.

  • Silent Service is (as Tautog mentioned) almost completely illustrated. Not sure how big the book’ll be, but you’ll get a physical print that’s most of what we put online.
    • Surcouf is not going to appear in Silent Service. The only shipgirls redrawn for that book is Lori, Bats, and Pam. (Yes, Lori gets a bikini here. American and all that x)
  • 2016 is pretty much done. But again, logistics is an issue. Keep an eye out on Pixiv for that in the next few weeks is my guess.
  • Navy Foods is getting close to actually being a book too. This one’s actually literally just me picking random recipes from the Cookbook of the US Navy (can be found online at places like HYPERWAR and other archive-y places. Literally google that exact title (Cookbook of the United States Navy) and talking about it to our Asian readers. It’s pretty exotic to them (in the same way that Chinese food is exotic to us)
  • Vol. 3 is … about halfway. Gotta pick up the pace. Advertisements coming out probably on a very special date (hint: coming up in a couple of weeks).
  • The site’s down a lot less thanks to Ethan and Zero’s hard work. I’m going to work on trying to present our art and stuff in a better way. Suggestions welcome. Organization’s never been my strength. xD