Lens of History (21)

STEC Archives, Print Document Division
Curator signature: Cusk
Format: Textual Record
Object: Experimental Log #41167
Location: Naval Base Avalon, Experimental Dock #4
Time (if known): [Classified]


Report of latest projection construction from fairy engineering department (D). Projection consists of two non-operational turrets, one non-operation hull of unknown type, three operational land-based support vehicles, fairy-sized (added to inventory), approximately fifty crates of 14” munitions (added to inventory), and assorted other peripheral items.

Due to the unusual nature of the alloy, a cursory report is present below.


Constructs consists of the same quality of “fairy” metallic alloy but displays significant elemental deviations from standard pattern alloys. Report below.


Constructs possess significantly higher amounts of [CLASSIFIED], [CLASSIFIED], and [CLASSIFIED] elements, each present at [REDACTED], [REDACTED], and [REDACTED] amounts. Proportionally this represents a highly significant [REDACTED] amount increase. Of especial note is the absence of manganese and phosphorus in this new alloy cast.

Properties & Hardness

New construct is approximately 10% harder than prior compounds in question. It appears to be temperature resilient (current testing has yet to reveal upper limitations) and reasonably malleable. The quality of the alloy is uniform and appears to be very pure with smooth, polished surfaces.

Due to its potential applications, the fairies have agreed to consolidate the material and manufacture a standard template for further testing. The standard template measures approximately 20′ x 20′ and is approximately three inches in thickness.

Ballistic Testing Requested
Test No.: 18678
Oversight Officer: Cusk
Shipgirl support requested: N
# of requested projectiles: 15
Projectile Used: U.S. Navy, Mark 23, 1,900 lbs.
Test Site: STEC Weapons Proving Grounds No. 2

Clipped to the test request was a separate form colored in drab green.

Ballistic Test No. 18678
Authorization: Jer
Reason for denial (If needed): 

I understand a few of you have an unhealthy degree of fascination with nuclear ordnance and all, but why not shoot your deck gun at it first?

If it can’t even resist that, we really have no use for another prototype alloy – as interesting as its heat-resistance properties may be.