Lens of History (36): Contingency Planning & Civilian Response During the Abyssal War

STEC Archives, Digital Document Division
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Editor’s Note: The Johnson administration is generally known for the successful enactment of sweeping, significant social reforms involving the expansion and creation of key governmental agencies, so it surprises no one to find, upon declassification, that STEC also experienced a similar expansion.

During this time, a number of secondary tasks were assigned to STEC in preparation for the Abyssal invasion. Many of the draft proposals here would ultimately become part of standard STEC policy, while others – due to the extraordinary turn of events during the Abyssal War – would never see the light of day.

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Johnson initially leveraged STEC’s unique expertise to supplement pre-existing contingency planning in place, but quickly decided that it was better for America as a whole for STEC to propose and prepare strategies independently. A series of audio recordings (some of which have already been made available to the public) reveal that the president was uncharacteristically humble in private in contrast to his persona, and often likened himself to a simple “handyman” or “fixer” while affectionately referring to STEC as humanity’s “plumber,” “gardener,” or “exterminator.”

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Too much trivial information for exhibit; see me at 3PM or earlier. Jer

The following documents are part of a collection of the very earliest drafts of STEC bulletins intended for public application. While the core principles remain generally applicable, they are relatively simple compared to the diverse array of Abyssal threats that would ultimately arrive in [REDACTED].

Should the Abyssals launch an attack, you will be warned via signal.

Alarms will only sound under explicit military orders. There are no trial runs or drills. Know your signals – it could save your life!

Abyssal raid imminent: a slow warbling tone 3-5 minutes in duration

This means that US-STEC has deduced with certainty the amassing of Abyssal formations with specialized anti-ground weaponry. Prepare to seek shelter.

Abyssal raid in-progress: a rapidly warbling tone 3-5 minutes in duration

Seek shelter immediately. Unless instructed by authorities, DO NOT LEAVE YOUR SHELTER.

All-clear: a long, continuous tone 3-5 minutes in duration

What to do during an Abyssal Raid


Date: ____________

Section I: Personnel

Within your household, who is responsible for general AIP coordination?

Who is your local US-STEC liaison?

Which shipgirl is responsible for your area?

Section II: Locations

For your area, where is the closest US-STEC AIP office?

Is it designated level I II III IV or EX?

For your area, where is the designated AIP shelter?

For your area, where is the designated AIP aid station?

For your area, where is the designated AIP evacuation point?

Section III: Emergency Preparedness

Have you selected or adapted a portion of your home to be used as your household AIP shelter?

Have you made preparations for your emergency needs? Check each box as needed, and note quantity.

a). Drinking water

b). Non-perishable food

c). Toiletry and facilities

d). First aid & medications

Section IV: Transportation

Is your primary mode of transportation your PRIVATE VEHICLE or PUBLIC TRANSIT


Document below:

license plate

model of vehicle

US-STEC color-letter designation

Is this vehicle registered for the Civilian AIP transportation requisition pool?


Document below:

Name & Type

US-STEC color-letter designation

Abyssal Invasion Preparedness (AIP) Checklist

My fellow American,

The world has changed from the one we know, and so we must adapt to it if there is any hope for us to survive.

You have by now seen what these monsters can do.

You have also seen what we are doing to fight back, and what we are doing to help protect you.

A grave and sacred responsibility now falls on your shoulders. You must be prepared to keep yourself safe.

The shelters we built for you cannot protect you if you do not go to them.

The supplies we stocked for you cannot feed you if you do not know where they are.

The weapons and tools we made for you cannot help you if you do not know how they work.

Stay informed.

Help us help you.

“Help us help you”