[Mail Call] 2017/03/13 – random grab bag

Quick grab-bag of various questions, then I’ll start to work on the backlog. A promise is a promise, after all. 🙂

“Is the English release of volume 2 out yet?”


Before you ask when it’s going to be out, it’ll be out when it’s out. 😉

“What kind of books is the team going to bring to AnimeBoston?”

We’re still finalizing our decisions for now. Probably you’ll see some posters and whatnots of our other works, but honestly whether or not we bring more of our books over to America is going to depend on how well Pacific does.

“What happened to Baicai?”

He’s doing fine. He’s a tea merchant now. Small business and all, you know. It’s a lot of hard work so I don’t think he’s going to be drawing again anytime soon.

“So just how “badass” (for lack of a better word) is Maury? Is she the type who knows martial arts and can take down squads of armed soldiers with her bare hands? Or is she just the athletic type with a fondness for CQC?”

Badass can’t really be quantified. You’re forgetting that shipgirls are capable of superhuman actions. In that sense, then, even someone like Shaw can probably take down squads of armed soldiers without difficulty.

“Martial arts” for shipgirls look very different than what you would think. For starters, think about the strategies employed by typical military specialists. They often leverage key advantages such as size or bulk and turn that directly into combat applications.

You might as well ask “is your arm or leg stronger than an Abyssal’s armor?”

“Is the wiki going to come back?”

Sort of. I just got frustrated trying to learn the wiki format, so I might try something else with it. We did learn how to set one up, but between that and the site it’s a handful.

Basically, I think the wiki was set-up for a purpose of cataloging and displaying our content. In that sense it wasn’t the perfect system, but it had the right functions at the time.

So we’ll see.