Lens of History (2)

STEC Archives, Print Document Division
Curator signature: T.
Format: Textual Record
Object: Flyer or Advertising Poster
Original Language: Russian
Location (if known): Unknown.
Time (if known): 1982

(Printed by the Ministry of Labor, Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic)

Comrades! Thanks to your hard work, a unique opportunity lies in front of you!

Do you see now your handiwork? Over the last four years, you have together laid hundreds of thousands of miles of track, which means moving across Mother Russia has never been simpler! Now, your loyal comrades are headed north to contribute to the next stage of our great plan and you can too.

The Ministry of Labor has a new job for you, comrade! Millions of workers are even now volunteering for the job of a frontiersman in our nation’s uncharted lands. This honorable job means for the next five months you will contribute to the short and long-term transformations of our country by carefully cultivating our abundant resources in the great northern lands.

Comrade, this work will not be easy. We will need those strong not only in body, but also spirit. In light of these challenges the Ministry of Labor has declared the following additional supporting elements to all our brave volunteers.

  • Subsidized (based on work experience and class of job) family stipend one to three ranks greater.
  • Free transportation on the new Life Line railcars.
  • Bi-weekly physical and health examination.
  • No lottery on C, D, E, F, G, H, K, T, and AB consumer good purchases.

The North waits, comrade! Mother Russia calls you to action. If you think you are capable then report with this flier to your supervisor or superior officer for further instructions.