[Mail Call] 2017/03/05 – Designs and Alternative Designs

This isn’t really one question, but more like a variant of the following questions.

“Does Pacific still draw ________________ if she’s been drawn by ___________?”

The answer is of course! We do our own thing. We’ve had Saratoga drawn for one of our covers way before her announcement, for instance, and I had written a Bismarck back in 2014ish before she was introduced in game. Pacific’s Roma (another legacy character from 2014) exists in a number of side stories (mostly as Jer’s shopping buddy – she’s a lot more like say, Nero from the Fate series than the serious one we got in the event). Those are just a few of the examples, but I think it’s generally safe to say that we’ll go ahead and make a shipgirl if we feel like she belongs in Pacific’s setting.

This next bit is actually a sketch from November, showing some posture work with Sarah. November works very hard at each shipgirl, of course, and he spends a lot of time figuring out what pose would be good at communicating what we want to do with each character.

Now, because we already had Lexy figured out (Lexington herself hates that nickname), this one’s clothing was actually fairly easy to follow up with. Whatever we do with our girls, the one cardinal rule is that it has to please our own sensibilities. Let’s just say when we were sorting out the CV girl outfits a lot of work went into researching pin-up (and noseart) from the era. 🙂

[Mail Call] 2017/03/05

I mean, we gotta get vol. 3 done for this summer, so you’ll see a lot more work roll out in the near future. See you next time. 🙂