Lens of History (60): Popular Expectation

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Editor’s Note: Congress and STEC has had a long history of fruitful, bipartisan coordination, and so sometimes the greatest impetus to STEC deployment comes from popular rather than political ones. In this exhibit, we’ll take a look at one such episode: the deployment of Naval Base Eden.

STEC Archives, Print Document Division
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Secretary of the Navy delivers remarks during the christening ceremony of the USNB Eden

Friends, allies, and all – civilian and shipgirl, I am honored to be joining you today to christen this remarkable feat of engineering and faith. This is a great day for the United States Special Task and Evaluation Command, our country, and our allies and friends. 

It truly is a very special honor to have the opportunity to transform a naval vessel from a mere record and hull number to a being with heart and soul. Today, this United States Naval Base will henceforth join her sisters in the defense of America and humanity at large against the Abyssal threat. 

I need to say little on her extraordinary capabilities – the popular press, as you are well aware, is hard at work heralding her prowess. There is one thing I can confirm, though – and I had spoken with Admiral Yin less than half an hour ago to make sure. She cannot head into outer space!

Not yet, anyways! (laughs)

Each one of STEC’s naval bases are endowed with extraordinarily capability. She can delay the deployment of Abyssal forces by virtue of her presence, and even disrupt the arrival of Abyssal forces with specialized technologies. She is a home away from home for the thousands of our brave men and women tirelessly fighting the Abyssal threat, and act as a staging ground for any and all deployments. The limitless source of power from her Core facilitates yet another world-class research laboratory, where the brightest of our minds can leverage their expertise in total security. 

But that is not all. In the final stages of her construction, popularly termed “Awakening,” we realize that for the first time, we are able to project anti-Abyssal barriers innate to shipgirls and fairies outward on a grand scale, with the added ability to seemingly nullify the Abyssal’s unusual tendencies to “regenerate” on the field. Testing is on-going, including potential links to other systems, but this is a remarkable development, the implications of are enormous. It may be extremely tempting for us to believe that the Abyssal War is quickly moving into the past – a magical shield, to deal with demonic space-fish.

With such extraordinary potential, however, comes with great risks and challenges. We do not yet know what the limits of this ability is. We do not yet know if this is even “natural” for this type of machinery. We do not know what effects it may have on the Core of the naval base, or the fairies, or on us, nor do we know what, if any, long term consequences may be.

The temptation to rely on a newfound power is strong, and so we must be even more prudent, even more temperate, even more cautious in how we exercise this power. May we be not tempted beyond what we can bear.

This ship – or rather, naval base – will be headed to the oceans with the full support, blessings, dreams, and hopes of America and humanity at large. I cannot say where she’ll end up in history, or what sort of a future awaits her, or what kind of a story she’ll write. Perhaps after the Abyssal War, she’ll be used as a great new place of learning, or lynchpin vessel in oceanic search and rescue, or be sent to our friends overseas on tours of goodwill, or be docked somewhere home and providing light and warmth to millions of Americans.

But one thing I do know for certain, and that is that the brave men and women who crew her – who took an oath to uphold constitution and protect you and I and the freedom we hold so dear, will be the heroes and protagonists of this story. 

And so, on behalf of the United States Congress and the Special Task and Evaluation Command, to the future Naval Base “Eden” – named after the Biblical garden of paradise, and all her future crew:

Bravo Zulu! 

Associated Press, [Date Classified]

EXCLUSIVE – Terse stand-off between Congress & Protesters over Eden’s deployment continues

WASHINGTON DC (AP) – Capitol Law Enforcement has dispersed the protestors gathering in front of the U.S. Senate after Senate Resolution [no. classified] passed with unanimous support, with all 97 senators present voting in the affirmative.

Resolution [no. classified] involves the deployment of the US-STEC naval base Eden, a top of the line anti-Abyssal flying fortress currently shielding the US coastline, to the USSR for an anti-Abyssal mission not to exceed more than 30 days.

Under agreements formed within the Vladivostok Conference, the United States and the Soviet Union has a joint mandate of mutual defense, particularly in the Arctic region, where STEC and the Soviet ARC has detected a large incoming Abyssal invasion. Admiral Michael Yin, the commanding officer of STEC, has indicated to Congress the necessity of major asset redeployment, with three of STEC’s naval bases – Avalon, Lemuria, and Asgard – already on site or en route given the scale of the invasion in question.

“Admiral Yin and STEC has briefed us as well as the President in full detail, and we are convinced as they are of the gravity of the threat to both America and humanity at large,” said Senator [classified] (D-CA), acting vice chairwoman of the Senate Anti-Abyssal Affairs Committee. “While I understand the fears and concerns of my constituents and fellow Americans, I believe and trust in STEC’s assessment. It is better if we nullify this threat away from home rather than fighting it out on our own shores.”

“Disagreements with my fellow Senator are frequent and common, as you know, but in this issue I feel that we are in total accordance,” added Senator [classified] (R-CA), Special Representative to the UNC. “As one of the most populous states in America, and one that has been frequently targeted by the Abyssal invaders, we would never say no to more military support. However, I believe that this is the right thing to do – both from a security and also from a diplomatic perspective, particularly considering the vastly improved relations we have with one of our greatest rivals, the Soviet Union. Honesty is an American virtue, and I think it is imperative that the world sees that America is true to her word.”

The two senators told AP that they expect Resolution [no. classified] to reach the House and the White House without much trouble given the gravity of the situation.

Protestors disagreed.

“These ninety-seven snakes have sold America out to the Reds and they just expect us good loyal Americans to take it? Preposterous! We elected them to represent the PEOPLE and the PEOPLE want America to be SAFE!” Norman Jones, the founder of Patriots for America First said. “We will pursue every legal and culture avenue and exercise our rights to defend America’s interests.”

Patriots for America First is a grassroots political organization and lobbying group with the self-described goal of limiting the application of U.S. anti-Abyssal resources internationally and “redirecting” it towards domestic purposes. With headquarters in more than forty US states and an extensive revenue stream, members wearing their distinctive star and spangled shoulder pads are increasingly becoming a common sight at Washington DC.

“EQUALITX cannot fathom why Oppressor No. 62 of the Patriarchy and Enabler No. 63 of the Patriarchy would provide support for that heinous, authoritarian, and undemocratic regime,” chimed in* Moon-Glitter Freedom Peace, a prominent activist in Equalitx, a new age religious movement group generally viewed as fringe by the American public. “SOJUS protects true practitioners of democracy and hir protections will be sufficient. Those other unpersons can die righteously as befitting their punishment!”

“Yeah, it’s kind of a regular thing at this point. They show up, we show up, we cuff ’em up and detain the ones that are high on narcotics or brandishing firearms illegally, disperse the rest, life goes on,” commented Sgt. Wilson, 15th Division, Capitol Police. 

“It’s America. People have rights, and we got laws. Dunno what else you want me to say.” 

Correction – AP has received notice from both Patriots for America First and EQUALITX and would like to make a correction. The term “chimed in” was used inappropriately in this article. The Patriots for America First and EQUALITX are in no way or form in cooperation. The proximity of members belonging to each respective organization was entirely a matter of circumstance attributable to timing of detainment by Capitol Police. 

STEC Archives, Print Document Division
Format: Auditory Transcript
Object: Collection, the White House, call no. [classified]

Jer, No problems – what does this job mean, anyways, when the American people elect me as the President of this GREAT United States of America? 

We’re a democracy. It means we disagree. If we agreed all the damn time it wouldn’t be a democracy now would it? Helping to smooth things out and make everyone happy the best we can, that’s our job as leaders. But sometimes, you gotta lead. You guys made the decision. You convinced us. Congress’ on board. I’m on board. We’re all on board. Some of us aren’t but that’s okay. Let’s see what we can do to help.

Yeah, I hear ya. I’d much rather you put STEC’s PR folks on something more worthwhile. My boys and girls here at the White House Press Corps are itching for a good fight since, no-offense-intended-but-I’m-sure-offense-will-be-taken, you and Mike are utterly BORING when it comes to the political arena. I’ve half a mind to have you two show up at the next annual Congressional budgeting session just to see if my Rs and Ds can play nicer with each other.

So, yeah, let them handle it. Put STEC PR on something better than dealing with these nutcases and criminals – like handling the Ruskies or the Japs or those godawfully uptight Brits because you know that’s coming –

Yeah yeah yeah I know this is going on record. Look, I love every one of our fellow Americans with the deepest fiber of my heart, but when you start overturning garbage cans and assaulting passer-bys and setting the lawn on fire, you’re breaking the rather sensibly put together laws that keep our great country in order.

I’m an honest guy.

I see a crazy I call it crazy.

I see a crime committed, the guy’s a criminal. 

They don’t like it? Maybe they shouldn’t poop on my lawn, then. I swear the nerve…

Yes, on topic, sorry. As I said, you handle the war. My office’ll handle the mob. I’m sure we can work something out.

(Excerpt from a journal entry of [classified Shipgirl])

This feels like it’s straight out of a cinematic feature film. Bill’s being debated in the house. The protesters are inflamed and angry. Rocks and bottles are being thrown. 

Then the President just walks out of an unmarked taxi cab, alone and unprotected (okay, not unprotected since we’re pretty much keeping the place locked down but still!)

“Fellow American, I got a question for ya – how can we work this out? Serious question. I’m listening!”

He then literally walked up and started handing out those little calling cards we designed. The looks on the faces of the folks there – priceless!

Honestly, you know what’s funny… For all their clamoring of lynching the patriarchal pig-dog or purging the traitors or whatever, I’m pretty sure they could have made a move right there and then. 

I doubt it would have worked, but it would have dealt a massive blow to America and the Presidency’s prestige if the President was forced back or towards safety.

… They didn’t, though, and I honestly wonder why. 

Whatever the case may be, I’m pleased to note that our plan worked. In about two day’s time, the protesters thinned out to the point where reinforced law enforcement presence was no longer necessary at DC. From an academic perspective this was entirely self-explanatory – mobs are often driven by emotion and crowd psychology, so reducing the mob back down to its individual components and focusing on the individual naturally helped to solve the issue. 

But if I’m going to be honest, I don’t think we really “solved” any issues at all. The people who spoke to us about fearing the Abyssals attacking their homes, for instance, those fears won’t go away until the Abyssal threat’s gone.

In other words, whether or not Eden stays within proximity of the US, that really doesn’t do anything. Nothing! There’s no objective resolution of their concern.

Yet the simple fact that we replied to their concerns did. 

I think we do need a better way to make sure the people know that we’re open to their needs and wants. Some way to convince them that when we say “you can call or write or contact us,” we genuinely mean it. 

We might not resolve things out the way they want exactly, but like the President said, “How can we work this out?”

The answer’s here, right? Start by listening.