[Mail Call] 2017/04/06

“Why is the site down?”

Zero’s the one that largely sets the stuff up. xD Oftentimes though it’s just some generic outage. A restart tends to do the trick.

No, guys, we’re seriously sorry. Sometimes I can’t get back at a reasonable hour because of real-life business. I’ll be able to resume to more postings probably Friday.

For today? I think I’ll comment on a few “slangish” terms that the shipgirls use sometimes. You’ll notice that we deliberately (and often intentionally) avoid using terms that are too WW2 or mili-jargony. This is really because (and Boston shows this pretty clearly) that much of our audience are more on the “interested genera public” than “hardcore militaria/military historian.” Add a healthy number of non-English speakers, and I think it’s important to communicate meanings clearly.

Here’s a term, for instance, that oftentimes get misinterpreted. Hot and bothered. This is actually very situational dependent, and the meanings can mean very different things. One meaning is getting angry, and the other is lusting for something or passionate for someone.

Then, we have other terms such as dope. During WW2-era (and how I understood it), this basically means idiot. Dope in today’s slang largely means it’s something positive – how good or positive something is.

Unless I’m intentionally thinking of a double entente I personally prefer using a more precise way to get the gist of something across. Other than possibly character-based colloquialisms, that is.

Alright looks like no coherence has been achieved today. Hello bed. Night everyone.