[Mail Call] 2017/04/05 – On the Soviet Union

“In Action Report it says that Stalin knew about STEC? But, roughly when does the USSR make contact with shipgirl? How do they know is real?”

STEC Archives, Auditory Recording Division
Curator signature: New Jersey
Format: Audio Tape
Object: Meeting between United States Shipgirl Iowa and Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev
Location (if known): Unknown
Time (if known): 1959

00:02:03/Iowa: Mister Premier, if you don’t mind me asking, why me?

00:02:08/Iowa: You’ve got the entirety of the US government waiting to meet you, and you decide to come see me first?

00:02:20/Iowa: I mean, the press I can understand, but President Eisenhower?

00:02:23/Iowa: I’m afraid I’m just an ordinary girl from Iowa.

00:02:26/Khrushchev: Precisely.

00:02:28/Khrushchev: You see, I may be the leader of the great Soviet Union, but at heart I am still a simple peasant, a man of the land.

00:02:34/Khrushchev: Come and let us speak more –

00:02:40/Khrushchev: (audible pause)

00:02:42/Khrushchev: Hm, how should I address?

00:02:44/Khrushchev: Miss Iowa? Lady Iowa? In the Soviet Union everyone is comrade, of course.

00:02:47/Iowa: *laughs* Just Iowa’s fine. Mr. Premier.

00:02:50/Khrushchev: Very good, then it is Iowa!

00:02:52/Khrushchev: I am much curious about farming techniques in America.

00:02:56/Khrushchev: I hear Iowa produces the most corn out of any American state!

The above tale, written by K9 (I’m the editor this time! Yay!), illustrates a good way where we integrate history into our tales. The Soviet Premier, Nikita Khrushchev, is well known in USSR history for his domestic policies including that of de-Stalinization as well as a number of reforms that were met with varying degrees of success. Khrushchev made an official state visit in 1959, and thus you can see where the inspiration for the above date comes from.

Given that the USSR has known about shipgirls and the Abyssals since the initial incursion, I can imagine that Khrushchev would likely take the opportunity to meet with at least some of the girls in STEC. We picked Iowa because, well, Khrushchev was known to be a man of simple tastes. He was rightfully proud of his working class roots, and while almost all real life Soviet leaders are polarizing even to today, we choose to take the interpretation that he was a man who tried his best to enact his reforms – even though he was not entirely successful in many of them.

Thus, he seems like an excellent candidate for us to touch on and explore within the world of Pacific.

03:15:44/Iowa: Now, Mr. Premier, just going over it once again.

03:15:48/Iowa: The average temperature over there still seem a wee bit low for corn from what you’ve been telling me, so you gotta be really careful or the corn won’t grow so well.

03:15:53/Khrushchev: Hm, yes. Thank you again for reminder.

03:15:55/Khrushchev: Warmer soil

03:15:56/Agent no. 1863, CIA: Jesus CHRIST are they STILL on

03:15:56/Khrushchev: temperatures… perhaps if I covered the soil it would

03:15:57/Agent no. 1863, CIA: growing stuff on a DAMN farm!!

03:15:57/Khrushchev: grow better.

03:15:58/Khrushchev: Or maybe it is better we go with original plan.

03:15:58/Translator Fairy (RUS) no. 14: Можно!!

03:15:58/Translator Fairy (RUS) no. 16: Сука Блять American shut up and let me do job!

03:16:00/Khrushchev: Build greenhouse, but since you did say corn takes large area to grow it would not be as feasible.

03:16:08/Iowa: Well, the first idea sounds good – we do it with the black tarps that you’ll get to see tomorrow.

03:16:11/Iowa: Now, about that greenhouse, yeah.

03:16:13/Iowa: It’s gonna have to be one huge greenhouse, but I suppose you should be able to. Hm…

It is known that Khrushchev has a personal interest in farming, so, my guess is that the two probably became penpals after.

See you next time. 🙂