Lens of History: 14 (?!)

STEC Archives, Print Document Division
Curator signature: Jer
Format: Textual Record
Object: Collection of assorted memos addressed to Cmdr. Mike Yin
Location (if known): Presumably Mike’s Office…
Time (if known): All Memos are dated November 1st.

Below show items 1 to 10, out of a list of 185.

Memo no. 1 is a generic form filled out by an elegant hand in cursive.


DETAILS: Excessively Distasteful Halloween Music from Residential Block C

DESCRIPTION: This is NOT a noise complaint; this is a complaint RE someone’s HORRID tastes in music. Thriller is like, so, a decade ago. C’mon! Get on with the times!!!

Memo no. 2 is a generic shipgirl requisition form, printed.

Requisitioner Info:

Date: October 29th
Department: INTERNAL USE
Shipgirl: Yorktown Sisters

Delivery Location: STEC Shore Depot 4B, to be delivered to Avalon Base Dock #41

PO#: 45458468952341548

Purchasing notes: Additional Goodies for the Halloween Party, yay!

Item Number Unit Price Total Cost
5 lb Candy Corn Value Bag, Resealable 5 9.99$ 50$
Assorted Grab-Bag, Halloween Candy, Dehoff’s Key Market Brand, Family Size 2 15.99$ 32$
Apples, Assorted 10 lb .75$ 8$
Decorative Edible Sprinkles & Caramel 1 2.99$ 3$

Memo no. 3 is a generic shipgirl requisition form, printed. The requisition form has a very large DENIED stamp on it in addition to a small note below.

Requisitioner Info:

Date: October 29th
Department: INTERNAL USE
Shipgirl: Chester

Delivery Location: I’M ACTUALLY NOT SURE


Purchasing notes:

Item Number Unit Price Total Cost
Bull Halsey’s Fighting Ready-to-Pop Popcorn, 8oz, Limited Halloween U.S. Navy Edition (With Collectible Sticker – One for Each Ship!) 65000 1.00$ CRUISER GIRLS DON’T NEED NO MATH

The note that came with memo no. 3 says:


A reminder that we still have cratefuls of that Tanuki-brand ramen you bought two months ago. You want the stickers, you eat the popcorn. Bring the empty bag to me and we’ll buy the next one. No ifs, buts, or other comments.


Memo no. 4 is a complaint, non-official.


Do something about Flora. I caught her trying to rip the DD girls off again selling overpriced last-minute Halloween candy. While I am an ardent supporter of capitalism, what she is doing is flatly unethical. These are barely young adults for heaven’s sakes. I’m not going to watch her pocket their hard-earned cash like this.

I have confiscated her stock of candy in the meantime and returned the money to their respective parties. Please take care of this at your earliest convenience. Thanks.

Best regards,


Memo no. 5 is a complaint, non-official.


Like, not cool! I found Florida trying to rip off some of the girls in base. Should have figured she was the one who cleared out the canteen’s candy stocks. Really puts things into perspective with how those one percenter think, huh?

You gotta talk to her. This just isn’t right. She doesn’t even eat candy! She’s just doing it to mess with people. As such, I’ve brought her candy back to the depot. Good thing I caught her before she could peddle her wares, right? We’ll figure out chargebacks and whatnots later.


Memo no. 6 is a beautifully printed thank-you card, Hallmark Brand

We had a great time. Thank you for organizing the Halloween party!


Maury & the DD girls, on behalf of the entire base

Memo no. 7 is a routine restock/resupply form. In a shaky hand, it reads:

Beer supply running low due to drinking game @ Halloween night. Please get the cheap stuff and not the craft brews that Helena likes so much. I swear while I agree with sis’s tastes in liquor and wine I can’t stand her beer…

Memo no. 8 is a clipping of what seems to be an exchange on Usenet, along with commentary.

…I tell ya it ain’t right. Something’s definitely going on in the middle of the ocean. It’s either the navy’s new warships firing something or it’s something completely out there I tell ya…

Commander. It is my opinion that the little ones might have gone a bit overboard with their fireworks display. A living, morphing, dancing and laughing jack-o-lantern in the sky is acceptable. However, it is my recommendation that it be displayed away from possible observers. Certainly it was unsuitable given our proximity to the Californian coast.


Memo no. 9 is a standard time off/shore leave form.

An unremarkable and very mundane form used more for record keeping purposes than anything else. The form is complete, already signed by Cmdr. Yin, but remain incomplete.

The signature of the shipgirl (New Jersey) is currently missing.

Additionally, the boxes around the dates have been crossed out multiple times, with the latest being “November 2nd to November 5th.”

Memo no. 10 is a slightly dog-eared maintenance request form. The request form is completed and signed by four shipgirls (Arizona, Oklahoma, Raleigh, and Pensacola).

Just want to say that we set the water slide Halloween theme park up and it worked great. Turns out fairies are super handy – the entire sector was warm as a mild summer day! However, the heater we used ended up making weird noises all day. Figure we’d submit a maintenance request just in case!

Stapled to the maintenance request form is approximately 16 pages of parts requisitions, with a note attached.

Mike! This is NOT how you’re supposed to use that prototype nuclear submarine reactor that I’ve designed. Please get whoever is in charge of getting me replacement parts pronto if you want me to make the December assessment deadline.

Also, it would be NICE if they invited me for a change! I know I’m in the lab all the time and all but Cusk needs her fun too, okay?