Ok! hurry up and look cute. This’ll be one for the cameras!

So, while all of you are out and about having fun, remember to eat candy responsibly! Even though today is the one day where no one will look at you funny for eating entire jars of candied corn, you should still think to yourself: is this a good idea?

Halloween’s one of these days where you can dress up in costume without anyone looking at you funny. I like that.

They say that trick or treating have historical or mythological origins. Personally, I don’t think I’ve ever needed to actually perform a trick. Nowadays it’s pretty much you show up at the door and get candy handed out.

I’m cute! Yay! Actually, I’ll probably head back in a bit. It sounds like some of the other girl’ll be on shore helping to hand out candy. See, when you get older, you can’t just take candy. You’re supposed to give them out too.

*munch munch*

Trick or treating’s an art. Seriously. In order to optimize your candy haul it is ABSOLUTELY necessary that the proper planning be put in the place. What is the neighborhood like? Which houses have decorations? Is the concentration of other trick-or-treaters high (and thus, necessitating a different attack plan)? Do we have enough manpower to cover all of the houses? Are there houses known to hand out less than optimally desirable goodies? How does the post trick-or-treating loot get distributed?

Think about all this and more, and you’ll have a good haul. Guarantee!

Happy Halloween!