Ok! hurry up and look cute. This’ll be one for the cameras!

So, while all of you are out and about having fun, remember to eat candy responsibly! Even though today is the one day where no one will look at you funny for eating entire jars of candied corn, you should still think to yourself: is this a good idea?

Halloween’s one of these days where you can dress up in costume without anyone looking at you funny. I like that.

They say that trick or treating have historical or mythological origins. Personally, I don’t think I’ve ever needed to actually perform a trick. Nowadays it’s pretty much you show up at the door and get candy handed out.

I’m cute! Yay! Actually, I’ll probably head back in a bit. It sounds like some of the other girl’ll be on shore helping to hand out candy. See, when you get older, you can’t just take candy. You’re supposed to give them out too.

*munch munch*

Trick or treating’s an art. Seriously. In order to optimize your candy haul it is ABSOLUTELY necessary that the proper planning be put in the place. What is the neighborhood like? Which houses have decorations? Is the concentration of other trick-or-treaters high (and thus, necessitating a different attack plan)? Do we have enough manpower to cover all of the houses? Are there houses known to hand out less than optimally desirable goodies? How does the post trick-or-treating loot get distributed?

Think about all this and more, and you’ll have a good haul. Guarantee!

Happy Halloween!

[Mail Call] 9/12/2017 K9’s Fireside Chat

Morgane’s pretty darn busy, so I’m going to have to try to Morgane today. Bear with me.

I really have no idea how Morgane can go and write basically an essay a day. I guess I’ll make up my lack of quality with quantity. Here goes!

“Why use Tautog to explain everything?”

I think you’ve all noticed that whenever I post something, it’s generally in the format of a dialogue between characters, or a 4th wall break-y dialogue between a character and various members of the team. Very rarely do I flat out speak to you guys.

I do this since I think it allows for characterization. In having them talk to you, we’re able to show you exactly what they’re like, what their interests are, and how they like to do things. It makes them “come alive” better than if I just told you what their personality is. “Show not tell”.

Plus, it’s more fun to write (and to read, I hope). If I wanted to just tell you how submarines worked I would have just linked some manuals.

“Why is the Soviet Union here? What’d they do?”

At risk of sounding like a Tankie:

For me, reading some of the memoirs and accounts of soviet submariners, there was just something different than the accounts of other nations. It’s like, there’s some “special sauce” that I just can’t quite put my finger on. It’s not quite motivation, but a lot of the stories are plenty moving. It’s not quite nostalgia, though a lot of the stories are quite nostalgic in tone. It’s not quite the tales of heroism – there are tales of heroism from all sides of the war.

The Soviets fought a much different war than, say, the Americans. In all respects it was a war for survival. There’s a reason they call it the “Great Patriotic War”. The war in the East was brutal – the Soviets took the most casualties by a large margin. They were fighting for Mom and Dad, Their brothers and sisters, and fellow comrades at the front. It’s something I feel like we just don’t get today, and something that as Americans we don’t quite get. America was fighting to defend their ally’s people and lands. The Soviets were fighting to defend their people and their lands. I think that maybe this “special sauce” stems from that.

Go find a recording of Farewell of Slavianka listen to it. The Red Army Choir version is excellent. Here’s a stanza.

Прощай, отчий край, – Farewell, fatherland,
Ты нас вспоминай, – Remember us,
Прощай, милый взгляд, – Farewell, sweet glance,
Не все из нас придут назад. – Not all of us will return.

See what I mean?

When I showed this song to Morgane, she said “Why doesn’t America have this kind of song?”

It’s the “special sauce”. It’s this sort of thing I’d like to capture in Pacific.


Alright. So, there are a few subgirls we have finished up but we still haven’t revealed yet. Here’s a draft of one of them:

Since I spent a while talking about the Soviet Union up there, I think it’s fitting to show you guys the other soviet subgirl appearing in Silent Service.

Don’t worry, it’s not all subgirls either.

This is a little ship that I think kinda gets a bit of a bad rep from most other shipgirl works. She’ll make her appearance soon.



看到这里,有的提督可能要问了:为什么跳过了晚餐菜式?原因很简单,美国镇守府刚刚欢庆了劳动节。自从我们那奇萌无比的州长上任,各种蛋疼逗逼的游行活动就没停过。本空母昨晚被各种活动闹了一整夜,当然没睡好(呃,我说过自己打字慢,昨天开始码这篇,今天才勉勉强强写完)。今早用来养胃的就是后文的粗玉米粥。 Continue Reading

Our Spot in Anime Boston

Pacific’ll see you at AnimeBoston★Y157


We will see you in【AnimeBoston★Y157】

So, in lieu of the usual mail-call updates, I got home today and I saw that Zero already put this one up.

Like all of our book releases, here’s what to expect.

Name: -Pacific- Vol.01
Publisher: AURA遗迹
Artist: November☆
Editor: 零火(Zeroblaze)
Writer: Morgane
Language: English
Pages: 64P Full Color
Size: A4(297×210mm)

I’ll hound Zero for some pictures soon enough. 🙂

Pacific vol. 1’s physical release is at AnimeBoston (March 31, 2017).
A limited number will be available for 20$ each at the convention.
Purchases will also be available online beginning April 1, 2017 (not a joke!) for 19.41$ plus shipping & handling.

For a copy of this book, you can find it freely released on our site.

Pacific vol. 1 English Version

If you would like to support us by purchasing the physical version of this book, you can order it online here:

-Pacific-: USN Fleet Collection Vol.01

Hope to see you soon. 🙂