(2016) Super Tuesday!


现场直播 – 超级星期二

Tennsy: You say you’re fine ♪~  I know you better than that! ~

田希(合唱中)你说你没事♪ ~,我说你撒谎!~

Okie: Hey! ♫~ What you doing picking a candidate like that? 

奥姬(合唱中)嘿!♫~ 你干嘛要投那个家伙?


Hey guys. Morgane here again. 🙂 Sorry this one surfaced two days later – the lighting and angle and everything else was way harder than we had thought. Between when we posted the end of Nevada there just weren’t enough days for us to finish it on time.

各位好。莫根又来打招呼了。抱歉,这个明显晚了 – 灯光和角度以及整个构图对我们的挑战性还是蛮大的。当我们画完内化达的时候,真的没时间在超级周二前搞完了。真的对不起啦。

Now, about the various references here…


The shipgirls should be rather obvious, so I’m not going to say anything else. All I have to say is that she was an inspiration for me in high school and college. She’s basically my age. Watching her grow up, just as I, too, grew up…


Dr. Carson’s really been neglected, so we thought we’d put him out front. That, and he’s always been a bucket of hilarity. Remember that the Republican debate allows one to respond if they’re attacked directly.



A lot of folks have been asking me why Hillary’s a witch. No, actually, it’s not because I dislike her. It’s because of the meme, #WhichHillary. I’ll leave it to you to figure out which Hillary we’re talking about, and you should be the one to figure out just why she’s got that nickname. 😉


(考虑到各位查这个可能有点难度,我稍微解释下。英文中的Witch(巫婆)和Which(哪个)是同音词。这个WhichHillary的来源是因为她刚刚登场总统竞选的时候在很多位置上摇摆不定(现在其实也一样),基本上她会说任何她认为你想听的东西。所以当她的参谋们推出了一系列的各种“真诚”“真实”以及“她跟你一样”的这类的广告时,美国人的民意反弹很强烈。许多网民跑到某FB和T上狂刷这个tag: “到底是哪个”(which)希拉里。)


Sanders? Hey. Look. Which fictional character hails from Brooklyn?


If you guys haven’t noticed from the last outfit, Ted Cruz is uh, wearing a … one of these. Yes, we checked. He’s eligible to run for President, but we thought the fairies could use a little more color, and it works for him.

啊,对了。说起来Ted Cruz(抱歉这位我真没找到我感觉合适的中文翻译。)的梗。他穿的那一套…怎么说呢,我查了。这家伙可以选美国总统(虽然他确实是加拿大出生的)。总之精灵可以多用些颜色啦,所以这个设定我感觉给他也不错。

Rubio? When we first conceptualized this piece, he was definitely on a mission to TERMINATE someone. Especially now, looking at the political situation, the GOP establishment definitely seems to be establishing him.


In as neutral of a way as possible, I am personally shocked at how quickly his message changed. That is all I’m going to comment on the matter. 🙂


Kasich? Google no more. He’s fun to draw. Occasionally says very odd and funny things, but overall he’s pretty much the first thing we assign since he’s pretty consistent.


Okay, now the two guys in front. The left is my state’s governor. He showed up because of Friday. The endorsement drop after the Thursday GOP debate came at a point that was just thematically perfect. On top of that, while I was doing research on the candidate, I stumbled upon the guy’s rally at Oklahoma.


(Special shout-out to the super high-energy pastor (Mark Burns?) – just listen to him! Whether or not you agree with his words, I have never seen ANOTHER candidate being introduced with such fervor and passion and feeling.)

(尼玛这太high energy了。我不知道这个视频里面那黑人牧师到底是谁(Mark Burns?)但你们听听听听听听这家伙的热度。燃起来了吗?我的妈呀我宅政治宅这么多年没听过一个家伙能拿出来这种力气来给自己候选人创造热度的。)

Yeah, if it isn’t obvious now, Trump’s design is definitely 40k inspired. I realize we’re crossing two settings here, but look at what he’s doing to the GOP right now. Look at how he’s viewed by his supporters. Or his enemy. Look at the memes.


This man does not need the Sword of Chang.


And what more fitting weapon do we give to a mere mortal who, for all intent and purposes, is splitting not only the GOP, but long-unchallenged traditions in politics, in media, in everything else we know about the election cycle?


(I wonder how kinpika feels about Trump putting his name on that, though. But it’s just not TRUMP otherwise…)


See you next time.


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