A Late (?) April Fools Joke (?): Zero’s Indie Music Radio Station

You know how each year we try to do something a bit “out there” for the team – be it ponies or horse girls or swapping the site to Russian for a day? This year’s idea is even more harebrained than I’d have thought, but here it is. Zero’s idea – an indie music radio (?) station. He’s still ironing out the bugs right now, but his intent is to provide uninterrupted audio streaming of indie artists 24/7. \

You can see some of the test runs below. Apparently, the Chinese Bilbili system can provide 24/7 uptime, and we’re trying to figure out if Youtube can do the same.

Youtube channel


I say “late” because it is late, but it’s something Zero intends to work on with the other components of the circle. So it’s really not a joke, and the music I find to be pretty calming. I suspect he’s actually trying to integrate it into Nekoview, but that’s another story altogether.

I’m still pretty swamped by work (it’s that time of the year, after all), but we hope you’re having a good time!