Chengdu Homecoming

Zero’s been busy at the Chengdu convention (as you can see, it’s the big thing on our banner right now). It’s a pretty big anime convention in his home town.

Not much to say here, other than we’re progressing as we normally are.

Because we’re running a lot of collaborations with other circles, this time we’re apparently a few more tables larger than last time.

Interestingly enough, the Trump plushie got a lot of curious onlookers. (He’s also not for sale)

Other than that, it’s a fairly conventional anime convention.

Zero’s travel plans are pretty stacked, and it looks like we’ll be going to places all over. We’ll probably announce a few soon.

Meantime, our own plans haven’t changed. We’re still in the process of getting things up and running. Still carrying on with our prior plans of making shipgirls and books. Due to the end of semester/academic year, though, we’re all going to get busier.

See you all next time~