Thanksgiving 2017

Quintessentially American.

Our readers over in Asia have already seen me comment on the great American tradition that is Thanksgiving. This incidentally includes some familial anecdotes – for instance, the massive production of weaponized fruitcakes (I’ve seen them dent cars), frantic braising of turkeys, and enough leftovers afterwards to feed a small army.

This stuff is so American, in fact, that you’re likely to find it going back hundreds of years. Here’s a menu from the USS New York in 1916.

I’ve had an extraordinary long day of travel and manual work (feels good chopping up firewood and all), so the full extent of which will probably have to wait for some other time.

But I do want to say, thank you. I’m thankful for all that I have, and thankful for all that I’ve received. Especially on a day like this. Might explain why I’m up at close to 3 AM trying to put my thoughts together.

Thank you.

On behalf of our entire little team (half of whom are traveling about), happy Thanksgiving. Pacific’s (more regular) updates will likely resume in a few days – though if I have time, I’ll definitely be around!