Clean-up progress: day III

Yes. Day 3. Not 1 or 2 because I’ve been at this for two whole days.

Currently I am dealing with

290ish articles posted on the site, to be properly organized and beaten into shape.

About close to 1 million or so words and about 1000 word documents of Pacific drafts, notes, designs, and etc. Some should be posted. Others need to be revised.

That picture above is 1/1603 or about 30,000 sketches that we’ve accumulated over the last two and a half, three years. This is to say nothing of completed works. Historical stuff.

I’m doing my best. xD Talk to you guys in a few more days. Zero should have pictures from Comiket and the Chengdu convention, too. He’s just been traveling a lot. The others are as usual, busy. 🙂

好多的东西啊… (Ethan:你真能写啊……)