Lens of History (10)

STEC Archives, Print Document Division
Curator signature: Marby
Format: Archival Records
Object: Memorandum documenting a presidential initiative to create greater strategic stockpiles
Location (if known): White House
Time (if known): July 8th, 1955


Others present:

STEC Advisory Board
New Jersey

A spirited discussion occurred over the matter of creating additional strategic reserves in case of Abyssal attack. In principle none were opposed to it, but the actual stockpiling itself raised a number of concerns that deserves serious considerations.

The enactment of such stockpile programs provide much-needed immediate economic relief (particularly that of foodstuffs, where the US markets have been experiencing significant depression in part due to overproduction) in slumping sectors. However, many are resistant to the idea of such heavy-handed market corrections on ideological grounds. Furthermore, reserves in effect tie up billions of dollars of goods and render them unused. About half of the advisory body is uncertain that the establishment of a reserve now would be useful given the more immediate concerns of post-war reconstruction in Europe and Asia.

Here, too, the shipgirls voiced their disagreements. Iowa, citing her experiences, point out that the establishment of a strategic reserve of materials remain currently unnecessary due to the known “signatures” of Abyssal invasion. She estimates that humanity have anywhere from ten to seventy years prior to the “arrival” of the main Abyssal fleet, and that the planning of such reserves should be in a piecemeal fashion that takes into consideration additional technological innovations on the way. New Jersey was far more suspicious, however, and points out that STEC cannot afford to make careless mistakes. To depend on the Abyssals to act slowly when they are known to have massive alpha strike capabilities is unwise to say the least, and she suggests that the completion of these strategic reserves to be complete no later than five years from its legislative introduction.

Throughout the discussion the president was very animated as he vigorously discussed each issue with the gathered individuals. While no definitive action plan was drafted in this session, the committee arrived at several conclusions unanimously.

  • The US strategic grain reserve should be again expanded in both scale and scope,
  • Efforts should be made to incorporate additional foodstuffs – beef and pork warranting significant discussion.
  • Plans should be made to create stockpiles of additional strategic materials such as textiles, rubber, cement, and heavy machinery.

The president wryly commented that the plans laid out before him will turn the US into the world’s biggest stockpile, but that “if it’s what we have to do, it’s what we ought to do.”