Tautog Updates Silent Service

Hi everyone! Today I’d like to talk a little bit about how the book is doing.

At the moment, the book is coming along very nicely. We’ve got 12 subgirls planned and they’re all drawn. About half of the girls have their own illustrations, too – these are short stories or otherwise fun stuff that we’re going to have alongside the shipgirl profiles.

Right now, the plan is to do at least one or two more of these. We want to have all the Silent Service girls show up a little, and you’ll find other shipgirls show up as well. Below is an example of what I mean.

So, something like the left is an example of an “illustration.” Something on the right is an example of profile art. I guess I should really keep the terminology consistent at this point…

I’d like to put some educational content in as well, but as you can see from the site, those articles are quite long. Since we *do* have a website, we might choose to only print a small section of what we have. After I can imagine we’ll keep on doing submarine stuff in the future. If nothing else no hot-blooded male artist would complain about drawing bikinis.

…Yeah yeah I know what you’re actually here for.

*sigh* We’re still doing the swimsuit calendar.

It’ll have boats in it too.

You’re welcome.

A reminder that for a consolidated list of contents involving Silent Service, you can find it on our own tab here on the site.