Lens of History (9)

STEC Archives, Auditory Recording Division
Curator signature: New Jersey
Format: Audio Tape
Object: Recorded audio of Admiral Hymen G. Rickover, item 4519
Location (if known): Unknown
Time (if known): 1982

Is this damn thing on?

Okay. Good. Libby, leave it. Can’t wait until I can actually get an office without being bugged for once… Keep it around just in case our guys & the Reds want to try anything funny.

(Click-click clack – sounds identified as tapping phone keys)

… Yes? Hello. Admiral Rickover, United States Navy. I’m here to return the call, so if you’ll get me –

Yes. Hello. Spare me the pleasantries and let’s get down to business.



Yes, that is correct. Let me make this clear. You are deviating from previously agreed upon plan for mutual coastal defense, using deployed American equipment no less.

Your fortification efforts are supposed to be on the Dikson-Murmansk line, not the Kamchatka peninsula.

… Yes. It is my business. The security of the United States is my business, and I’m not about to let you Ruskies feed three hundred million bodies to the damned Abyssal Fleet if this screws up. Do we understand each other?

I see.

When did this occur?

Repeat what you just said.

Of course. Of course, we were also informed of this. Do you really think we wouldn’t know? My command is working out an appropriately forceful response. I expect to be in touch soon.

On behalf of the United States and STEC I appreciate your efforts and look forward to further cooperation.


Libby, go get Jer.

(Click-click clack – sounds identified as tapping phone keys)

Cusk. Direct MERLIN to focus on the following coordinates. 46 degree 30 North, 151 degree 30 East. Eight hundred mile radius. Set resolution to 20 meters. I want a feed to my desk in eight minutes or less.



(Click-click clack – sounds identified as tapping phone keys)

Which one of our subgirls are near Japanese waters?

Good. Couldn’t have had a better gal. ETA?

… *sigh* That’s unacceptable. Did she –


Authorize boosters. Tell Tautog she is to OBSERVE only. Do not engage either the USSR or Japanese forces gathered. Run like hell if they start shooting.

Patch me through to her.

Kid. Listen up. I don’t know what the hell’s going on either but I think we’ve been double-crossed. “Give them the pre-fabricated stuff and just help them out,” said our bleeding heart of a President. “Surely this gesture of goodwill will result in great coordination against humanity’s mutual threat!”

Well, I’ve got a data stream in front of me, and I see a hundred and eighty MADE IN THE U.S. OF A blips blinking along the Kuril Islands. If this is a joke I don’t find it funny. If this isn’t then they won’t find it funny.

I’m having Lexy sending coordinates to your gear right now. You’ve got backup coming. Tag along the convoys as best as you can and report to me immediately if situation escalates.

You are clear to engage if at any point you feel like you are under threat.