Psst, hey. Hey!

Listen, if you help me with this, this’ll almost certainly result in more girls in bikinis. Example below. I did it all on my own with five minutes in Microsoft Paint.

Psst, hey. Hey!

Stuff like this. See? Lori’s in one. I can be too. After all, you *DO* want to see me in a cute swimsuit, right?


Okay. So here’s what you need to do. I need you to pop us random questions, and we need it, stat. Like, really, really fast.

Zero’s wanting to try his hand at some kinda newfangled Mail Call thing involving I don’t know what. He’s going to try to shoot a video! There will be things in foreign languages. Subtitles. Handwaving. All sorts of stuff!

So. In order to see if this is even doable, I really, really, really need you to ask random questions. Pretend this is 2016 and you’ve just discovered Reddit. Any questions you want, ask away. Zero’ll answer them. Doesn’t matter what. It could be Wisky’s bra color for all I care. Just ask us what’s on your mind and we’ll make it into a thing.

We’re good at making things.

…I think we’re making it into a thing.

Gah, Marby, pull yourself back together! Mragh, I’m just here to solicit questions about some kind of new thing the team wants to do. Got it?

Seriously guys. There’s going to be bikinis involved after. Just leave a message here on the free-to-the-public board or send something to I don’t know what a “discord” is but that works too.

Pretttyyyyyy please? With a cherry on top? Thankies. 😀