[Mail Call] 2017/04/11 – Random grab-bag of questions

Sune here. I’ve got a bunch of odd questions to answer since Morgane is busy.

“What kind of video games does shipgirls play?”

Which shipgirl? Ask a broad question, get a broad answer.

Tech has accelerated considerably. However we aren’t running around with 2017 tech in Pacific. If video games were easily available then of course STEC would purchase them. Though I will add when there are a lot of friends around there are a lot of things you can do that does not involve video games.

As it stands, at least in Pacific’s Japan, a massive, massive effort was taken to prop up the Arcade system. Rather than home consoles and personalized gaming most of Japanese gaming would be communal in nature. The Japanese government sees the necessity of preventing people from burning out from overwork and so built a large number of state-funded entertainment centers. Naturally the technology would follow.

People would be competing against each other for high scores, though cooperative games are all the craze nowadays. The Japanese government saw the usefulness of games as a way to further bolster its population. It’s no surprise, for instance, that many of the popular arcade games are simulators or war-related.

In other words many of the popular games found in Japan would be like simulators or some sort of war-related game. I will have to comment on Anime at a different time but it is sufficient to say that the Japanese government had in mind specific reasons when they created these things. Arcade games in Pacific’s time line resemble a little like primitive VR in terms of technology and a lot like modern day MMORPGs in their consistency and orientation towards playing with others. Specifically many elements found in VR can be already found in very basic form in some of Japan’s most popular games.

Have things accessible to people. Make it easily affordable. If you give delinquents something fun to do they will be less likely to turn to crime. Morgane mused to me that it may be revenue generating in a way similar to lotteries in America but I will have to do more research on that to see if it is feasible.

“How is Pacific coming along?”

Here are the statuses of all the Pacific books that I know of. This does not count Silent Service which should come out in a couple of months.

Volume One: Being sold in America. We have exceeded our estimates so it is doing well. Amazon link to your right. Be sure to download an electronic copy first to see what you are getting in the book.

Volume Two: Sold out I think pretty much everywhere. English translation pending. Release order is more likely to be Silent Service due to convenience or 2016.

Action Reports: I do not know if we actually have plans to sell physical copies of this in English. Morgane is heavily involved in patching it up for online stuff.

Volume Three: Summer Comiket.

Seriously we have a lot of stuff and it is not going to be all Midway-related.

For instance you have already seen our Saratoga back in 2015. Waiting on November to post her and I think you should see her soon in maybe a few days.

Same skimpy outfit (the way I like it :3), same twintails. We wrote and designed her explicitly in contrast to her more cool-headed sister Lexington and she will be a fun one to reveal. Very different in personality and temperament to what I have seen around as well.

What I will say is that I believe the little cardboard shipgirls are getting discontinued in favor of other goodies. Zero says that they are too easily damaged. That is why.

The other stuff like the navy foods book you will have to watch for another update.

“Why is the conventional navy so weak in Pacific? Why does shipgirls do all the work?”

Why is it that the one day I write mailbox duty I get all Morgane-tier questions. Also I feel like this has been answered somewhere in like Action Report #2.

From an out of universe perspective, because we like shipgirls.

From an in universe perspective it is a matter of efficiency. Missiles cost money and requires millions and billions of dollars of equipment and tens of thousands of men. Ignoring the military logistics, the supernatural powers of the Abyssals, and everything else, the question becomes why not use shipgirls?

Shipgirls are basically self-sufficient and are tailored to defeat Abyssals.

Ships are expensive and Abyssals are more or less tailored to defeat conventional human weapons.

Do you send out tanks against anti-tank weapons? No. So why would you send ships against Abyssals if they can be used to fight other things?

“How rightwing is Sune? I find her a very curious person and I can’t believe someone like her could exist in real life. She reminds me of anime caricatures of Japanese people.”

Compared to our legitimate rightwingers I am basically not. I am as rightwing as Donald Trump is Republican.

This doesn’t mean I don’t hold viewpoints very similar to the LDP or what is endorsed by the LDP. However specific policy issues should be left in private communication and I do not want to speak on behalf of the team or make an impression as if I was speaking on behalf of the team.

“But in all seriousness, I was asking from a reproduction point of view. Can they breed with muggles?”

“I think while lurking on SpaceBattles I saw some ideas discussing the transhuman/posthuman implications of shipgirls breeding true. Cause since ~40 years have passed since the first shipgirls appeared, that’s enough time for a second generation of shipgirls or shipgirl-human hybrids to reach maturity.”

English is not my first language. Breeding true? 

(Source of picture here)