(2016) Florida II: Judgment Day (佛罗里达 II:审判日)

I-now-understand-why-they-are-angry,—. Why-it-ended-this-way. Why-people-feel-left-behind.


—–, No! No no no! C’mon. Join me.


This-loss-too-is-something-I-can-now-understand. We abandoned them. Our failures must end here. It-ends-here.7


—–, look! The ticket! We –

—–, 看啊!看这张选票,我们 –



– – – – -!


How did that happen?




Mo, NOBODY in their right minds put their HQ out front like that! Why the hell would you put your commander under so much risk?


Risk and opportunity go hand in hand, Flora. What separates the winners from the losers is how they react to risk.


I had all the right strategies. The statistics. The money. The tactics. The –

但我的战术!我的统计!我的数据,我的钱,我的战略,我 –

Look. My guy is someone who leads from the front. It’s that simple. He fights for the little guys and everyone can see that. That’s why they follow him. That’s why he wins.


Hey, you know what, guys? We all saw this one coming a mile away.


At this point, the race is rapidly coalescing into shape. Trump is the undisputed frontrunner still, though at this point it seems that the establishment is coalescing around Cruz. But before we begin, let me comment a little on the democratic side.



Yes, it’s not subtle. Yes. Hillary and the other party elites have been calling on Sanders to drop out. I don’t know if Fairy!Hillary’s showing him news articles or polls or whatever, but you can see what we’re getting at, right?

这幅画其实并不隐晦。希拉里以及其他的民主党大佬几乎天天叫着总书记,让他退出来。我不知道精灵希拉里到底在给总书记看什么 – 新闻?还是选票比例?还是其他的?但你看出来我们的意思了吧?

Sanders, of course, is having none of it. One of the things that I have noticed consistently is how many news pieces are just outright condescending to him or ignoring him. For the record, while Bernie lost every single contest on March 15th, he managed to recover a bit yesterday, taking Idaho and Utah both at nearly 60 points higher than Hillary. He lost Arizona by about 20 points, but he is favored to win a number of the states coming up, and yes, it will take a miracle for him to come back and beat Clinton now, but this is no longer the age of man, or even the age of heroes. Given that this is a season that coincided with the rise of Trump, I’m not saying anything else other than it’s only over when Sanders chooses to make it over.




If you’re wondering about who the two ladies are in the Democratic side, here’s a hint. The one backing Sanders was the former vice chair of the DNC(Democratic National Committee). She resigned in protest in support of Sanders all the way back when Clinton was beating him in South Carolina. Since we unfortunately do not have shipgirls representing Hawaii, we thought we’d like to give a nod to her here, rather than not mention her at all.

如果你不认识那两位的话,我给点暗示吧。支持总书记那位,是民主党国家委员会的副主席(其一)。她选择了以抗议的方式, 辞职了副主席来挺老爷子。这位并且是在总书记在南卡被希拉里完全打爆的时候加入的。因为我们目前没有夏威夷的舰娘(而这位是夏威夷的),所以我们想让她在这里露脸。

The one backing Hillary happens to be a current representative from Florida. She was formerly part of Hillary’s campaign in 2008, and currently  serves as the chair of the DNC. Yup. No potential conflict of interest here. Nope. Not at all.


Sidenote: Sanders is fun to draw. Especially his eyebrows.


Ah, Rubio, Rubio, Rubio…


Isn’t it funny how it ended like this, huh?



Losing his home state by almost 20 points, his meteoric rise – and fall – will go down in American political history. Already I’m hearing my friends in that discipline use the word “Rubioesque,” used to describe a candidate who seemly had so much potential, yet ultimately, failed to meet those expectations.


He looked like he was about to cry when he was giving his Florida talk. I don’t blame him. If I were him I think I would have cried, to be honest.


His concessions speech was one of the best speeches I’ve heard from him to date, and partly what inspired us to well, draw his fairy as we did. Deep down inside, I’d like to believe that Rubio isn’t as bad as the media’s making it out to be. I think – if we were to ignore all the mudslinging for a second – that Rubio does genuinely have a positive side. If only he managed to stick to his positive campaign, rather than diving right into dirty politics (such as calling into question Trump’s mini-Trump, for instance), I couldn’t help but to wonder if he could have been, rather than what was.

真的,我认为他那场演讲是我从他那里听到的最棒的一次。最后我们给他精灵版本画成这样也是同样原因。其实,我真心希望水哥并不是媒体说的那样狼心狗肺。我相信,如果我们能暂时无视媒体的各种黑化的话,路标(Lu bi ao,哈哈哈哈中文好有趣~)确实有潜力能亮出他阳光明媚的那一面的。当然,如果,如果,一切都是如果哦。如果他没有开始直接人身攻击(举个例子攻击特朗普的迷你特朗普大小的话),我只是好奇这个后果是否能改变。


Well, guess what? I guess Fairy!Jeb’s warnings came true. He’s endorsing Cruz now. As of today, Cruz is still in, and Rubio isn’t.


Now, some of the other folks here. First of all, Kasich. I have no idea what we’re going to do with this, but he remains a wild card at this point. Kasich won Ohio handily, but then the GOP establishment positively backstabbed him by immediately telling voters in Utah that a vote for him meant a vote for Trump.



I can see why they’re doing it. But man, I just … I just feel like that’s real low, you know. Sure, mathematically it’s hard for him to win (actually, as of now, impossible), but if the GOP is aiming for a brokered convention, why are they shooting him – the last establishment candidate – before the running’s even over?


Does Kasich know he’s just being a pawn? I mean, I don’t want to give the conspiracy theorists too much credit, but in all seriousness, they’ve GOT to be trying to paradrop in someone that they’d like. I find it incredibly unlikely that they’d take Cruz over Trump.


Anyone’s game, folks. All I have to say is that if the GOP IS going to resurrect a guy whose nickname starts with an M and rhymes with something you put on your hands to keep them warm …


Oy hoy yoi, actually you know what. He’ll be amazingly fun for us to draw, but yeah, on second thought, GOP plz self-stump. I can already see how absolutely and hilariously that’ll backfire now.




Now, Mr. Cruz. He is the only one left who can realistically challenge Trump. While he didn’t pick up any wins on Mega Tuesday, he did get all 40 of Utah’s delegates yesterday. So he’s definitely still in the running.


Er, about the guy? First of all, you guys may have see this.


I kid you not that’s a Ted Cruz coloring book. More than one, in fact. 


I am absolutely not joking. Yes. That is a real thing.


Anyways, without making any kind of statement on Mr. Cruz’s drawing ability, his strategy, or why we’ve even brought this up, the thing in his hand is the fabled unity ticket. Cruz-Rubio. An alliance to surpass all alliances. A trump card capable of stumping Trump. A –

我…不想吐槽克鲁斯先生的绘画能力(我看过这家伙的画,嘛,只能说…),他的战略,战术,以及我为什么正在吐槽这个。但你知道他手里攥的那东西是什么吗?那是传说中的合体选票。一个超越所有联盟的联盟,一个能打败特朗普(注:特朗普字义是打倒的意思)的王牌,一个 –

Yeah, never happened.


(Not saying that it won’t happen in the future – Rubio’s gotta be taking a side at some time, right? But as always, we’ll see!)


So, Trump won Florida. And Missouri. And Illinois. And the Northern Mariana Islands. And North Carolina. And Arizona as of yesterday. I’m pretty sure he’s still on track for the nomination.


I think we’re going to keep the color theme and go from there. Trump picks up the most hilariously colorful cast of characters going forward that I am at a loss as to who to include next, but honestly, it means that we’re almost never lacking for ideas.


No comment on what’s happening in Europe right now.


I’ve personally noticed an increased intensity in both people attacking Trump and people speaking up in defense of Trump. I’ve grown to appreciate how many organizations that I personally once considered fair are now willing to intentionally misrepresent, distort, magnify, or outright fabricate correlation and association to promote a particular viewpoint.


I’m not saying that Trump is necessarily the truth or the light. Far from it. Part of the fun doing this is really getting down to the bottoms of it all, and figuring out what are truths, half-truths, and lies for myself. Part of my research process is that I look at print media (yes! old fashioned newspapers! my university has plenty of subscriptions) first, then I scour the internet, occasionally listen to podcasts or commentary from a variety of networks, and of course, search social media. Sometimes this means diving headfirst into comment sections, though I can tell you now that I can more or less list, off the top of my head, all the common talking points used by both sides at this point.


Again, I don’t claim to be unbiased. I only try my best to be fair, and I encourage you to do the same. Think about what your opinions are. Ask yourself, why is that right?


“Because” doesn’t count.


If you have a reason, ask yourself again, why is that right?


If you still have a reason, then ask yourself again, why is THAT right?


Ask yourself if you really understand the arguments you’re presenting. Ask yourself if you really have given the matter the consideration it deserves. I’m asking yourself to ask yourself these questions not because I’m trying to convince you of anything. If I were, you would have seen me make my own positions very clear at this point. No. What I’m trying to do is out of respect for your own intellect.


Your brain deserves better than 140 characters and 20 second sound bytes. Your life, too, for that matter, deserves better.


Seriously. Get going. Move forward. Aim high. By the very virtue of you being human, you have the capability to soar. Don’t just sit on the runway and hope someone will come along and push the airplane and make it fly for you.


Change your attitude and you’ll gain attitude. Believe me, you’ll love it up here. 


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