New Year 2021

Hey everyone. Morgane here. I figure with the start of 2021 I’d share a bit about what we’ve been up to behind the scenes. 

For those of you think that I run hon-haka, ha! No. I’m just its #1 fangirl. The real head of the circle is Zero, and you can see the guy below – still running doujinshis to conventions, carona-chan or not.

For a lot of industries, last year was a bit of a shocker. You’ll recall that last year in 2019 we were on the verge of pushing out an unironic trans-Pacific “trade” system, trying to bridge creators from all over the world. Then 2020 happened. For the creative types, this often means a lot less time to carry out hobbies, and a lot more time spent on work. 

For Zero, who’s doggedly pursued his vision of getting as many people to create things based on their idealizations even all this time, he’s met the challenge head-on. Look up Nekoview on steam. This is a free software our team’s developed – you can think of as an ebook/manga reader, but we plan to develop it into something bigger. While I’m not directly involved in that, this is what Circle Hon-haka’s been up to, in addition to the typical creation-translation-printing-shipping stuff we do.

Now, where I come in. Pacific.

Pacific has always been and will remain a labor of love, so I think you can see from the cookbooks and whatnots, we aren’t going anywhere. I have a lot less time nowadays, and as I alluded to before, my health really blindsided me a couple of years back, but I think if you really enjoy something, you’ll make time for it. Pacific for me is kind of that “thing” that I enjoy. 

So, if I have a new year’s greeting for all of the regulars, honestly? I hope you’ll get to experience the joy of making something that you enjoy – be it a particular dish, a particular skill, a particular commission, or a particular task. 

I’ll see ya around, and here’s to 2021.