[Mail Call] May-June Activities

Hi everyone! Morgane here. I just want to drop a quick note on what’s going on, since as I mentioned before, these are pretty busy times for us.

As you can see here, Zero is headed to a major convention in China this weekend. In addition to the Chinese version of 2016, we’re bringing a number of localized works from various Japanese doujin groups. There’s some stuff from our old friends who does the Idolmaster/MCU crossovers, for instance.

These are a lot of books to manage, and well, to get things in order takes time. So if anything, thank you for your patience. 🙂 While we’re quite proud to see us add more stuff to our lineup, again, as I’ve mentioned before, we’re a really, really small team, and we’re doing our best to go forward at the best speed we can.

Thus, as anticipated, updates on Pacific-related materials have been reduced accordingly. This is unfortunately how things are, and my own estimates is that the site should expect to see new stuff – history related or Pacific related a couple of (maybe more) times a week, give or take. This “reduced” schedule should last sometimes into (by my guess) July to August, since that’s (again, by my estimates) the various affairs (academic, professional, personal, health, etc) of the various team members should start to pan out.

I myself? I’m doing fine. Actually, I’ve fallen ill, as you may have guessed at the various things in which I’ve been alluded to. It’s being taken care of right now. Part of the reason why I’m posting now is that I’m feeling a little better. Not better enough enough to work on an update today, for instance, but better enough to want to check on the site and to talk a bit about what’s going on.

But, I’m still doing fine. We all get sick once in a while, and being part of this particular profession I know what it’s like to see patients and I know how to be a good one.

So, in another way, it’s a bit like a vacation of sorts. Heh.