Veteran’s Day

Today is Veteran’s Day.

We’ve thought for a while about what we wanted to do this time. Then we thought, well, there is something that we can do that’s fairly unique to us. Veterans are a big part of our history. Without them, our country’s history wouldn’t exist.

Family and team members being veterans aside, a big part of why we create historical content is to honor their service. We hope that through learning about the history of our country, our readers will gain a greater appreciation for all the sacrifices our veterans made.

So, we ended up taking a long time cleaning up the historically-related content and organizing it in a page. I even made a nifty button on the site so people can find it easier! It’s right under the mail call button below. It looks like that!

You can even click on it.

Today’s the day where we celebrate the service of our veterans! Of course, there are 364 other days in the year to do this as well, but today’s extra special. “Thank you for your service” may sound like such a tiny thing to say, but everything you do that could help, helps!

This is Shaw. On behalf of everyone here, thank you for your service.