Hey! Hey you!

Tautog’s been trashtalking the Omahas, huh? 

H-hmph! Well, I’ll have you know that the Omaha class cruisers weren’t bad at all historically.  Just because they look outdated even for their time doesn’t mean they were actually outdated! Sure, they had much weaker broadside fires than their direct counterparts like the Furutaka and the Hawkins, but Omahas were supposed to be scouts! Scouts aren’t supposed to fight bigger ships!

… Some day Marby’ll get a Marby’s Cruiser Corner too! Then I’ll show all of you why cruisers are obviously the best ship class. Cruisers could literally do everything! They can beat up bigger and smaller ships alike! Furthermore the navy had big plans for the scout cruisers! See –

Alright Marby. That’s enough. We won’t have space to talk about the pre-treaty or treaty cruisers. Furthermore, nobody’s going to be able to read charts like those without any context.

*sigh* I can’t wait for Morgane to start updating normally again… 

(For the record, the chart comes out of … an email we got from an anon reader. Not entirely sure where it’s from since it looks like a document from an inter-war era bulletin. I don’t actually know well enough but it looks like it’s an approximation of a US fleet cruising formation…)