(not) Silent Service: Batfish

*Batfish yawn*

*Batfish noises*

Mrrrrrgh I knew I shouldn’t have ran that last instance…

*Batfish light-hearted grumbling noises*

Write an update for the site, she said. It’ll be easy and take no time at all, she said… 


We’re live?


I’m Batfish.

You can call me Bats.

Tautog said I’m supposed to do the update for August 28th. If Depth Perception actually checked my calendar she’d have realized that I’m on patrol through the 29th…

…What day is today, anyways?


I see. 


Well, you’re gonna have to wait for tomorrow. The last couple of days have been pretty busy for everyone. Zero just got back to China and has worked out a thing with the screwed-up printing since our printers were under environmental regulation check-ups. We weren’t able to deliver some of our books in time. So. Zero is offering a free make-up copy and a free token for trade-in for the upcoming vol. 2 of the Navy Foods book. 

It’s the little Phoenix saying sorry on the front page. You can’t miss it.

Now, gimme a sec… I need to check my gold-farming bots…