Clean-up progress: day 13

Long day at work, so update came late. Honestly at this rate I think the site’s reorganization should be done in about another week or so.

If you look around the site there’s a few new splash pages that’s been put up. We’ve consolidated information. Tags are actually somewhat useful now. Categories are now proper as well. What I’ve learned is that I can’t update worth a damn – as in, I rarely follow my own guidelines. xD

Zero’s made a facebook page (I guess we’re going to automate there too!) – though I’m curious to see if any of the East Asians’ll be able to see it. Censorship, you know. 🙂

The website now actually loads smoother, though we’re probably going to have to look for a new image host. I still use IMGUR out of habit, but the Chinese want to use Sina since, well, censorship.

Zero’s back in China and our books are getting back to the printers now that China’s stopped cracking down on environmental violations.

I even got a translator helping out with all of our content. So… Yay!

Almost done.

Can’t wait to power the machine on.