I saw the eclipse today! Here are some pictures!

Hi! Prisse here. As Pacific’s semi-official mascot, you know there’s a ton of little copies of me running around all over the world.

Today, I got to see the total eclipse! Thanks to our friends from Missouri!

Unfortunately, we’re bad at taking pictures…

This is what it looked like a few minutes before totality. Apparently you could either get it through the uh, filter-glasses thingie or you can take a picture normally. In which then it kind of looked like this.

As you can see the sun is really bright even if partially eclipsed!

However! Totality itself is amazing. The entire world suddenly turned dark, as if it’s completely night. When you look up, you see this beautiful silvery ring around the sun.

If you just take a picture at the sun, though, this is what you see. But you have to look around. At the ground, at the surroundings – see the streetlights even came on!

(This was taken directly underneath the sun, with flash on! It was so dark!)

You’re just going to have to see it yourself to see how much of a contrast it was!

Me? I was too busy watching the show. See how the sun’ brightness is basically not there?

Then like two minutes later it came back out again.

And then it started to rain. So, my trip got cut short. But yay! Today I learned to block out the sun! (Sorta)