Status Update – August 2017 (美舰本最新情况公告 2017.8)

Hi everyone, Tautog here!

I’ve got a list of questions to address real quick. Namely, where things are, what’s happening, and what Pacific’s plans currently are.

Why are you the one doing these updates?

Morgane likes to have someone who is capable of updating content from an in-universe perspective. I am one of the first Pacific characters that Morgane and K9’s consistently written over a significant period of time. I have a set of emojis, a well-defined and likeable (I hope!) personality, and a passion for the Silent Service (both my fellow subgirls and the, well, real Silent Service).

I can also provide a degree of fanservice given that subgirls wear bikinis.

What’s the situation with the Pacific physical books? I’ve been waiting for a long time! When’s ______ coming out?

Sorry about that. We really are. Basically, one thing comes up after the other. In no particular, we’ve experienced these issues starting from April.

  • Loss of data and post-fabricated book materials.
  • Site crashes, which also results in the lost of materials.
  • Personnel shifts as people enter and leave the team due to real life (jobs, traveling abroad for school, the like)
  • Recently, the temporary loss of our printing base due to checks on “environmental regulations” (Printing is a messy and obviously not eco-friendly business, so this check might take a while)

At this point the only thing I can say is that it’s something we’re working on.

The site’s laggy! Can you fix it?

We’re looking into this issue right now. Truth be told we aren’t too sure of what’s going on either. It’s not a DDoS, but sometimes wordpress randomly eats up all the memory available. Sometimes, even Morgane’s stuff gets locked up in mid-update.

It’s really hard to find where everything is in relation to one another… Can you help a new reader out?

That’s something we’re working on right now too. New volunteers have joined the team, and we’ll hopefully make it happen in the near future.







这里我想我也应该作个自我介绍吧。我是“陶陶” – Tautog。 其实我四月就已经出现了。

我露脸的频率不少是因为莫根感觉网站有个能在“宇宙内”更新的角色比较好。毕竟最近贴的所有的世界更新还有真实的历史更新(以及少数讨论设计的莫根炉边谈话,Fireside Chat)都是围绕着美舰本这个作品核心的。而目前的新刊物,Silent Service,又叫“潜艇本”,就是我们潜艇的故事。潜艇是很棒的呢!潜艇娘也是。


目前来说,我们网站上的东西确实都是“生肉“。 这个,我们会慢慢解决的。刚才说的以后的更新会使用双语也是同样的原因。所以,以后更新的频率可能会减少一些,但,我会尽量保证大家都能看懂故事。确切来说美舰本目前的一切都是以世界创造为主的。无论是“历史的镜头”(Lens of History,莫根用真实历史人物和伪历史文献来解释这个世界的变化),还是在潜艇本自己的每次更新中讲的世界细节,我们的目的是先把这个世界轮廓描的更清楚,然后在不久的将来,开始推进故事线。


Basically, to summarize the above. We’ll probably resume dual language updates. Since, you know, Morgane’s native language is English, but most of our readers over there can’t speak English. So, it’s basically a dilemma we’ve always had to deal with.

Morgane thinks it’s probably best that she tries to do dual-language updates again, even if the Chinese is just a summary. Zero’s working hard on resolving this issue too, but, as we’ve all mentioned, we’ll keep on doing our best. So just watch and see!