[Mail Call] 2017/06/24 – Shipgirl eyesight

Pssst. Tautog here. Whenever there’s a lot of mail calls it generally means the team is busier than usual. Also I’m not drunk! I’m just messing around with the site!

Oh. Huh. A mail call. I feel like I’ve done these before…


Some of the girls wear glasses. Are they near or far-sighted?

The answer (from a purely lore-based perspective) is that neither. Shipgirls have good vision.

The practical answer (from a moe-blob cute perspective) is that out of the universe, we often play up the character traits for cutes or laughs. For instance Mahan runs into stuff because she’s nearsighted. That’s less due to her historical collision (which plenty of ships have) and more because well, her character’s the type to be so absorbed in doing something that she’d probably forget about her surroundings.

Then you have others like Sanny who wears hipster glasses ironically. Because you know, San Francisco? Haha.

Then you have –

Yeah, lemme go steal Sima’s glasses real quick. You’ll get it when you see it!

See? Instant cute!

(I-I’m cute, right? ;_;)