[Mail Call] 2017/03/09 – on the Abyssals

Fixed a few things with the site & made sure Sune’s post went through. Website upgrades tend to be a tad more difficult than we think, since neither Zero nor I are really good with anything involving technology.

Generally, if you see a mail call missing, it PROBABLY means that we had a front page update or something “bigger” than our usual updates. Believe me, I really do enjoy popping in here to show off what we’ve done, and it’s a good way for us to see what we’ve made.

“How big are the Abyssals?”

Mostly very big. Smallest ones tend to be bigger than modern warships and larger ones seen so far are kilometers in size.

[Mail Call] 2017/03/09 - on the Abyssals

Something that I’ll point out is that unlike KanColle or even Strike Witches where antagonists take consistently humanoid forms, we rarely use the human form for our Abyssals. If something’s looking human she’s either a character or meant for very specific purposes (like the humanoid anti-shipgirl unit we showed a while earlier).

Instead, most of our Abyssals tend to be monstrous in form. By this, I don’t mean grotesque or unusual, but rather you will note that we have a strong affinity for creatures of the deep and other “legendary” creatures. We’ve so far only shown the grunt scouting units of the Abyssal fleet, but in general, they tend to resemble oversized whales or fish bedecked with armor and weapons. Polished and sleek, of course, but nonetheless still “fishlike” (that’s the term Sune uses, anyways)

Also, you may have noticed that our Abyssals have an “eyeless” “helmet” or “mask.” Again, for this type of Abyssals, that’s a defining trait. From an artist perspective we wanted to show that these things aren’t simple monsters, and that an intelligent hand played a role in their creation. The overall goal (as hopefully you’ll see in our own upcoming Abyssal book) is to give them a sort of otherworldly, vaguely high-tech sort of flair.