[Mail Call] 2017/03/08 – Japan

I’m excited that I get to do one of these.

“Why is Japan the way it is in Pacific?”

Because I want it to be that way.

I come from a traditional Japanese household that places strong emphasis on our culture and historical traditions. This includes a very significant patriotic element that is seldom seen in many Japanese families.  Many of these viewpoints are obviously in conflict with what people in western countries think. As I have interacted with people outside of Japan, my opinions also change.

I am of the opinion that Japan suffers from internal conflict. You can even call it selective amnesia. I also believe that Japan is losing, or have lost, much of what made Japan what it is in the modern era. It is caught between worlds that often diametrically oppose one another, and I despise the situation Japan often places itself in.

This underlying instability and paradox is the theme behind my Japan. For there to be order there must be chaos. In order for Japan to grow again, it must first deal with its own issues first. A slightly more isolationist America will be sufficient to facilitate these types of changes in this timeline.

Not to mention, we creators all benefit from the capabilities of hindsight. There are certain critical mistakes that we could have reasonably avoided due to choosing one particularly alternative path.

It pleases me to write for and on behalf of Pacific. It is sufficient to say that I believe parts of my Japan will make both westerners and Japanese uncomfortable. You may not be willing to believe that there are people believing in such things. That does not mean they do not exist. I believe this contributes to Pacific’s perspective. It makes the story richer by providing a viewpoint that contrasts with the American girls on many perspectives.

Morgane may say that Pacific is a simple work, but I do not see it as simple. Matters dealing with values are never simple. Only profound.