[Mail call] 2017/02/23

“Do you think you’ll ever have regular updates? Sometimes I see you post before I go to bed, and sometimes it’s up the next day.”

Depends on my schedule to be honest. I’d like to post something every day because I do enjoy working on Pacific a lot. However, what I show for mail call (in addition to answering, well, mail) doesn’t necessarily directly correlate to what’s been worked on during the day.

In fact, most of the time it doesn’t. For instance, today I sat down and I went through a number of primary recollections of individuals who served underneath the KOG. This is for Pacific’s storyline and for the site, of course, and not for Pacific vol. 3.

However, what I’d have also done today after getting back is that I wrote a line for one of the characters appearing in vol. 3. I read it, didn’t really like it since it didn’t convey the personality I’d have wanted, and so it went back into the scrap heap.

Then I sat down and looked at the proof for 2016. Zero’s back (and honestly, staying up super late isn’t that bad. It means that the team in Asia isn’t inconvenienced by staying up late xD), and we touched base briefly over the next segment of the book. Sima and November likely are working on their respective assignments/jobs/actual work, but honestly, I’m almost always going to see something new every day or every other day.

At any given moment, I’m probably talking with say, one of the folks on the team. Maybe K9 has a new subgirl idea that he’d like to get me cleared. Maybe Sune has a new bikini concept or a new fairy that she’d like to float. Maybe I need to cross reference something with Draa or check one of Ethan’s notes or something from one of the others. Whatever.

I mean, you wonder why I’m here up this late writing on the site. It’s because it really is fun. Believe me. 🙂