[Mail call] 2017/02/19

“Why is this called mail call and not daily updates?”

Why should it be called daily updates? What if we can’t update every day?

I mean, this thing’s halfway between what I randomly post on our forums every day and a way to formally answer questions. I also use it to throw out content on reasonably regular occasions.

“Question. Just what is the conventional military of the world doing? I get that STEC is supposed to be this super secret organization, but why not get the world to engage in a massive military build-up to counter the Abyssal invasion?”

This question pops up fairly regularly, and I’ll answer it with a few notes. In short, there’s no advantage right now to make this stuff public knowledge and a number of shortcomings.

  1. See vol. 1’s reasoning for keeping things a secret. Not many ways to hurt the things short of shipgirl, and your unappealing options are:
    1. lie to people and tell them that the weapons work when they don’t.
    2. don’t lie to people and tell them that the weapons don’t work.
  2. STEC doesn’t want to raise world tensions when the Abyssals haven’t struck in force. If there’s a military build up and the Abyssals don’t show, it’s pre-emptively depleting resources and political will that could go towards fighting the Abyssals.
  3. Current Abyssal activities are contained.
  4. No practical benefit to STEC’s own operations since they don’t really need the massive infrastructural and logistical supports of the other branches of the military.

I can go on, but those are a few examples.

“Could you send me the cubs fan Chicago please?”