(2016) 2016 Primary Finale Part II: Daybreak

Cal eyecatch

First of all, it’s summer. It’s California. What were you expecting if not a beach episode? The things are like, obligatory in this particular “field” of work!


Secondly, my apologies for those who would have hoped to see a counterbalance “op-ed.” Unfortunately, whether it’s our team, our extended network, or even our friends, nobody had the time, the willingness, or the energy to write a piece in support of Madam Secretary (who is currently the presumptive Democratic nominee.) This is not a critique of her policies or her positions, but simply pointing out that in our small team that ranges from a reforming Japanese ultranationalist (what? How else do you think we do our research for our main storyline on the other side? x) to an actual practicing communist (the type you see in Great Patriotic War posters, as in, the actual idealists) to our resident tree-hugging liberal to our self-described patriot to our ardent pacifist to folks like myself, you get the idea, and, well, just nobody got it done.


  • – 正在弃暗投明中的某日本国家以及民主主义的右翼
  • – 坚信共产主义理想的好党员
  • – 标准美国左派
  • – 极端和平主义中立者
  • – 我


So instead, I’d simply point you to her own website, and the many media outlets there that’s speaking in support of her. As I said many, many times over, we don’t believe in being unbiased or neutral. We simply believe in being fair, because to be unbiased would imply that you don’t actually care.


Like with any election, about half the people who cared enough to vote will be supporting one candidate over the other. There are plenty of people who believe that this country is doing fine, and they’re just as entitled to sending it off to the direction they believe will be best. Madam Secretary, for what’s it worth, represents that particular viewpoint.


As for the other perspective? Well, I’ve been catching up with a few old friends. A lot of people are afraid – on both sides of the isle – that if the other candidate gets elected, it’ll be all doom and gloom from that point on. I disagree. For me, the outcome is less important than what we do in hope that we can achieve that outcome.


Instead of speaking on my own, I’ll let Praetor Artanis (from StarCraft) speak for me instead.



My brethren. Hear me! For there is little time left.


All that remains of our race, of our civilization, are those that stand beside you now. and those corrupted on the surface below.


Our kind once stood as stewards of a galaxy full of promise. In our pride and division, we failed that sacred charge and fell to ruin.


The Khala, designed to bring unity, ultimately only aided those divisions. Its hope was a lie.


Today, that lie must come to its end, And with it, our prejudice and arrogance must become a thing of the past.


For we now fight in the belief that our kind has not seen its end.


That we Protoss can stand bound by a belief in unity. And that we Protoss can forge a mighty new civilization.


Trust each other in the fight ahead. Strike as one will!


Let our last stand burn a memory so bright that we will be known throughout eternity.


clinton eyecatch

This one was meant to compliment the New Jersey piece from last week, and quite aptly is titled Daybreak. Yet if the New Jersey piece is one where there may be a spark of hope in the darkness, this one is depicting the opposite, where fractures are appearing in both the Republican and the Democratic machines.

今天这幅画,其实是跟新泽西上周那幅相配的。名字叫Daybreak也是有原因的。如果新泽西那个象征着黑暗中的希望,那,今天的加州,是光明下的黑暗 – 就是民主党与共和党内部的分裂。

Trump is a magnet of controversy. The most recent spat, Orlando shooting notwithstanding, was one over whether or not Judge Curiel was biased against him (and/or he’s racist). You can easily google it on your own if you’d like to find out more, but you probably have heard something about it. x)


Yes, I’m aware that being associated with the La Raza lawyer association isn’t at all the same with the La Raza, but I find the defense offered by the anti-Trump side to be not particularly convincing, either. Here’s why. You can call it a Latino-empowering group (which it is true), but what is empowerment? Isn’t it to make someone or something stronger? No matter how you spin it, it would be an organization designed to generate more power for members of that specific group, no different than say, STEM programs trying to boost the representation of women in science and medicine.

我说句个人观点吧。没错,La Raza律师会跟美国臭名昭著的墨西哥种族组织没有直接关系,但这还是一个支持西班牙裔的律师协会啊。你再怎么绕弯,这也是为了西班牙裔人利益的组织,就如同美国试图往自然科学以及医学里塞更多的妹子是一样的,就是为了多点自己的人上去。

So why is it unreasonable to suggest that a judge belonging to a group pledging to advance Latino interests might be biased against someone who wants to curb immigration (literally building a wall), which are probably not the same interests as those who want to advance Latino interests?


See, I reached that conclusion on my own, based on some very simple five-minute long google searches about what the controversy is, what the organizations are, and some basic logic and reasoning.


But this fracturing goes far beyond just the Republicans, which are embroiled over bitter contests about whether or how right Trump is on the issue. The internet, such as the various Trump-related reddit communities, remain split over ideological differences and matters of censorship.

但这种分裂,已经散播到了美国各地。共和党党内撕的欢乐,支持特朗普的网络群体 – 举个例子那些reddit上的 – 也因为各种价值观区别或者删帖开始闹了。

None of it is anything close, however, to what the Democrats are experiencing today. First, AP and major media sources call a Clinton victory the day before California, New Jersey, and the rest gets to vote. What came after was accusations flying everywhere as Sander’s campaignwhich banked their last hopes on California – came crashing down.


In a deliciously ironic twist, a leak today – if it’s true – communicated what all of us had suspected a long time ago. Sanders never had a chance to begin with, and that from the start, the DNC was going to coronate Clinton as its nominee.


Now it remains to see: will Sanders bow, and if so, will his supporters follow?


Whether or not this was a real leak or an intentional leak designed to actually hurt Trump is irrelevant. What’s particularly relevant to my interests is that at least the other documents originate from democratic sources, and that it more or less confirms both the objectives of our country’s foreign policy, as well as what foreign policy under a Clinton presidency might look like.


As always, we shall see. As one chapter ends, the next is just beginning.


Five months ago, in January, when I first started with 2016, I had thought simply to play reporter. Now, five months later? I find myself on the frontlines of ideological contentions. I find myself agreeing with people I never thought I would agree with, and questioning things that I didn’t think I’d ever question.


This whole experience has been one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life. Sima and I, and by extension the entire team, has encountered so many different people, with their own unique backgrounds and perspectives, that we wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the world. It is our pleasure and honor that we were able to interact with many of you – some superficially, some deeply – over the last few months.

这是我经历过最兴奋的一次经验。司马和我,还有我们整个队伍,我们接触了好多的不同的观点,看到了数不清人的想法,知道了数不清的人的故事。你就是给我世界我也不会把这经历换走的。能跟你们接触 – 无论是深的还是浅的 – 是我们的荣幸,也是我们的荣誉。

This isn’t goodbye. Not by a long shot. Pacific will continue as we have been. But for now? I think it’s safe to say that at least the primary portions of our illustration series is now over. 🙂


Thank you for your support.


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