Have a good end of 2021!

Hey everyone!

I’m a bit busy today, but I figure I’d take the time to deliver some well-wishing on behalf of all of us. As the year winds down, some of us are actually winding up – end of the year deadlines, schedules, finals, family affairs, health, whatever else it may be.

So, here’s hoping that you have a good one, and we – as always – wish you and your family & friends well. This is Pacific, so we tend to be a bit whimsical with our scheduling. Next year as more things open up, hopefully we’ll see where things go from there – we’re actually working on a short summary of what’s happened to doujinshi (from our vantage point) over the last 18 or so months.

Honestly, the only thing I’d add? By now, we’ve witnessed together a bit more than half-a-decade. Congratulations, all – you are quite aptly put, witnesses to history.