2016: the Electronic Release

Here it is! PDF version. JPEG version.

The 2016 book, as I’ve said, is basically that collection of 2016-related art and pieces we’ve written, plus some personal opinions and notes from our shipgirls. If you end up buying one of our physical copies, this is what you’re getting.

2016 is an unusual book. It’s a book where our characters essentially crossed over to our world today, whereas I make it very clear that the world of Pacific is similar, but not like our own. It has political content, but it’s more along the lines of my personal musings on what I believe to be one of the most interesting events of the century. I’ve also found that people tend to read whatever it is that they want to see in the book itself, ranging from appreciation and understanding to outright vitriol (from our left-leaning readers) and MAGA! Trump! to utter disappointment (from our right-leaning readers).

Whatever it might have been for you, it was a fun ride for us. I may not be always happy at how things are turning out (those of you politically savvy would know full-well the irony of posting this today), but I’m proud to stand by my decision and happy to see what comes next. The journey, I think, is what matters the most.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, we do this as a hobby. We just happen to have the ability to create and print all of our own books on top of everything else. This means that every single Pacific book (or, well, more like hon-haka book) will be released free of charge at some point for anyone and everyone to enjoy.

(We do our best to get our books released electronically as fast as possible, but remember it’s still one guy. Zero. He does everything from running the books to the printers to checking the proofs to, as you guessed it, putting the actual book together. Stuff takes time, particularly when you consider everyone does other things for a living.)

Now, this book isn’t perfect. There are some small blemishes, minor errors here and there, and so on. I’m just going to be honest, we’re working on a revised version to be re-released. This time, however, Zero and I thought it’d be best to release what we have now rather than having everyone wait longer. It’s a compromise we’ve reached. We don’t want you guys to wait longer, and we of course want to put out the best thing we can.

We’re a small operation. You’ve heard this speech from me a million times if you’re a frequenter of this site. Pardon me for my excitement – I really am happiest whenever we deliver a new work to our readers. Going back to my house party analogy, it’s like I’ve spent all my day in the kitchen, the pie’s finally ready, and I’m really looking forward to bringing it to the table.

Hope you enjoy.