A quick note from Phoenix

Hi everyone!

Yeah, I think one of you sent Morgane this question the other day.

Compared to the other CL Ship girls Phoenix gets drawn a lot and I’m enjoying the cute pictures. Any reason for why she gets drawn a lot?

Yeah, okay. I’m not sure if I know either. The team says I’m like a husky. I like huskies! They’re great dogs with a whole lotta energy, just like me! Maybe it means I’m easy to draw? Maybe they like me? I dunno. A lotta times it’s like HEY PHOENIX POSE FOR THIS PICTURE or HEY PHOENIX DRESS UP LIKE SO AND SO and I go, OKAY!

Hey, I do know if there’s something to be done, I’m gonna help out! Ready, willing, and able! That’s my motto.

I’m gonna just say, that when you have a lot of smart and strong and crafty and good people, you’re gonna get a lot of people who’s taking charge. And, yeah, we’ve got a lot of people here who’s good at leading. Seems to me that I should be doing my best to follow and do what I can to help out!

Take today, for example. The Chinese and other Asians are celebrating their new year. Plenty of people are celebrating Valentine’s Day. Even Tautog’s off taking a well-deserved break!

… But, see, we’ve got this nice art here. Someone’s gotta step up and just do the small things like trim the edges and post it to the website and tell our readers, right? I’m here, I’m willing to help out, so might as well be me, right?

I’m proud of the fact that I can be relied on to do things, big or small. I like doing my part! Oh. Uhhh, I made chocolates too.

So, on behalf of all the folks here, have a wonderful time! You’ll be seeing plenty of us soon enough!