October Round-up, Pirates, Halloween, 2016 and more!

Hi everyone! Tautog here.

Weekly announcement. Uh…


Morgane what am I supposed to say, stuff is still being made? Ugh you gotta give me something more to work with here! I know the sub book is like almost done with a cover and everything and I know we’re finally sorted out the printer thing and everything even vol 3’s being put together and then there’s literal thingies being made for 2016 aaaaaaaaagh why is everything going on at the same time aaaaaaaaagh

Okay. Uh…

Stuff is being made. Because everyone has had a very very busy week though, the team is largely taking it slow (well, as slow as Morgane is willing to rest at any rate). In-universe, well, the Abyssals haven’t attacked us or anything yet. So, in light of the hallowed tradition of eating as much candy as you can until you feel like you’re going to explode, most of us shipgirls are preparing for a big Halloween party.

No, I’m not in costume yet! Hmph. Just because everyone else is dressed up and having fun doesn’t mean that I can do that just yet. If you want to see where my costume is, you’re just gonna have to really wait a bit more!

Aren’t you basically wearing what I wear usually?

Yes, Essex. Thanks for the hat. But, that’s actually not what I was getting at all. I think even a fun holiday largely for the kids can be used to educate. It’s why I’ve taken pains to make sure that my costume resembles that of a –

Tog, pirates didn’t actually have hook hands, right?

Actually, some of them did. You see, like this gentleman below.

I got this picture (well, really a mural) from a museum in the city of Newport, Virginia. The man depicted is Captain Christopher Newport. He’s a famous explorer and adventurer kind of like say, Sir Francis Drake or Christopher Columbus. See how he’s got a hook hand? Pirates, captains, and all sorts of sailors back then did have those as a sort of prosthetic. After all, having a hook was better than nothing, right?

Hah, I’m being educated already. That’s neat. That’s great. Say, where did you get the eyepatch?

Oh that actually was easy. I finally told Chester I’m going to  unleash the hidden powers in my eye and she gave me a stack of them before running for the NBC shelter. Last time I heard, I think Northampton and Mary’s trying to coax her out.

…Wait a minute. You’re wearing your eyepatch –

Yeah. On the other eye. Come on genius! Don’t you think Dolphin call me depth perception for a good reason? After all, you know I actually style my hair properly if I’m on business and all. I only keep the sexy-mysterious-stranger look because I like looking pretty!

If I wanted to wear the double eye-patch or whatever I’d have just done it already – IF I WANTED TO LOOK LIKE A DUMMY.