Silent Service: Extras

“Her Majesty’s Shipgirl Venturer reporting in. By orders of the Royal Navy Special Test and Evaluation Command I have been assigned here to advise and educate -“

Yeah. Welcome. Could you take a seat over there next to Surcouf?

“Pardon me ma’am but I was not finished -“

Gimme the orders and let’s take a look.

“…the lot of you on all matters pertaining Royal Navy submarine operations in the Second World War.”

Hmm… Yeah… No can do. Sorry. You’re about half a year too late, hon. The book’s already being finalized.

“Outrageous! A book on submarines without the contributions of the greatest naval power in the history of mankind?”

Didn’t we already cover this before? Sorry. No Royal Navy subgirls in the book.

“Well, I never! What am I supposed to do then?”

Hang around? There’s plenty of space. You can bunk in my room while we get you situated. Besides, I know the guy in charge of “the lot of you” and he doesn’t do things for no reason. Though knowing how things are, it probably got lost in the mail, too.



It’s Tautog. Geez. You’re making me feel old.



“With all due respect I feel it is necessary to directly lodge a complaint -“

(Also you can totally stop the quotes now. It’s kinda, distracting. Like, we know it’s you. You have a different color and all.)

” – to the higher-ups of the higher-ups. It is absolutely unfathomable to me that the Royal Navy would be omitted. Britain stood alone against Fascism during the onset of the Second World War. The Soviet Union may act high and mighty but without our maintenance of the Arctic convoy Stalin would have been overrun in the first year! For that matter, who cracked Enigma? Who, might I ask, provided radar to you Americans? Who came to rescue the beleaguered Americans during the disastrous North African campaign?

Yet what do we have? A few comments here and there, some design stuff, and an insanely large pile of sniping at British naval policy! I’ll have you know that Britain was nearly starved into submission by the U-boats. Of course there would be impetus to limit submarines! By Jove, I -“

Uh huh. Hey, sorry. What’s your name again?

“Her Majesty’s Shipgirl Venturer. Also I was not finished! There are plenty of things you should consider. Aviation? The Battle of Britain is the stuff of legends! Naval engagements? Look no further than the hunt for Bismarck. Culture? Rationing left such a permanent mark on our culinary tradition that many of our recipes today can be traced back to the Second World War!”

Right. Venturer. Listen. You’re here too late.


Hey. Look. Unless you can find a way to get Sima to illustrate you in record time, throw enough books at Morgane and K9 so they can write you out accurately, and then get in a skimpy enough outfit for Sune, you’re probably not going to make it into the book.

“I have books! Plenty of them! How do I throw -“

No throwing books indoors.


Hey, I mean, since you’re here and all and we’ve gotten you in the setting so far, you could start with just … hanging around. Get to know the other girls a bit. If you wanna pitch in, then come comment on the sub corners when it makes sense. Alright? 🙂


Yay. Now, come this way! Lemme show you your room. Welcome~