[Mail Call] 9/15/2017 – Everyone’s Busy Edition

Long day. Pretty busy week catching up on work IRL and of course, here.

Days like these where I don’t have an update on top of what I do regularly for Pacific I go dig for random sketches in my folder.

I don’t have a spare catapult anyways to remodel Saratoga. And, with how fast November draws these days (he’s really, really busy), we might just have to start posting the girls directly online instead.

Yeah… It’s long weeks like these where I kind of feel bad about some wildly ambitious goals and timetables I set for myself. There are some days you come home and you literally don’t want to do anything but sleep. Sometimes I wonder what’ll happen if I can actually spend all my time on this, but then again, it wouldn’t be the same. Pacific’s the way it is because it’s a hobby first, after all. 🙂

But, hey. One day at a time. One bit at a time.