Comiket 92 Adventures

Alright, pictures from Zero’s rolling in.

Due to environmental regulations we couldn’t get our regular books ready in time. Zero ended up rushing the scene with some short-printed copies of DEFENSE 5.

(Straight from our Japanese collaborator’s twitter. You can head over there to see what else they’ve got. Plenty of interesting stuff.)

Okay. This one’s not November. It’s Maria’s European shipgirls book. It’s also being ran by Circle NEIGHBORS. You can find plenty of examples of his art on his Pixiv here.

(I used to think this was just British, but well, there are German ships too. I haven’t gotten my hands on a copy yet, but I’ll be looking forward to it)

Sadly, there wasn’t a new Nyagato or a new Admiral Stalin/Mao/Kim/Putin has been deployed to the Naval Base series. Zero made plenty of visits to other circles, though, and here’s his haul.

Well, some of these are gifts.

Some apparently are “just for a friend.”

Others are for uh, “research” purposes.

Yeah. Research.

See you next time. 🙂