[Mail Call] 2017/04/02 (or 03?) – Logistics Update

Looks like things went great at Boston. Everything went as according to expectations, and I think the big takeaway message is that American anime conventions are a lot different than the type of things that Zero attends in Asia.

Right now, you’ll have noticed that physical copies of Pacific volume 1 is available on Amazon. We’ve decided to relegate logistical operations to a third party, similar to what we’re now doing for our Chinese operations. Anything we release physically in English is currently planned to go through Amazon – this means Pacific vol. 2, the Action Report books (which honestly makes more sense having it in a combined volume (we’re thinking of shipping costs, again), and yes, 2016.

So, for questions pertaining to shipping or purely logistical matters, I think Amazon has a system that works well enough where you can just contact our contact. 🙂

Speaking of 2016. I know a LOT of you are interested in stuff related to 2016. Zero brought what he could carry with him for the convention, and they’re all gone at this point. The rest of our 2016-related items are on a boat somewhere or waiting to be shipped. Again, please bear with us, as the team is still less than double-digit numbered people (counting the artists).

In other words, if you’re getting physical copies of English Pacific from somewhere else, you’re either getting ripped off, or (let me put on my tinfoil hat for a second) someone’s managed to print our books without letting us in on the matter. In either case, let me know.

This goes for our books as well. If you haven’t gotten a chance to SEE what we’re selling you before buying it, you let me know because that shouldn’t happen. We appreciate the support tremendously, but we want you to know what you’re getting. To put it simply if we’re going to make sure we stay afloat from this, we’re going to earn your money. What you see is what you get.

Other than that, my mailbox is always open. We’ve got a sort of comment board that’s open, and there’s the forums for something more in-depth. Honestly, I need to start thinking about how to organize stuff – but isn’t that something I’ve been saying for nearly a year now? x)

See you next time.