[Mail Call] 2017/03/23 – Outfit Design Edition

Sune here. It’s the beginning of spring break for many. We are busier around now as the team travels or slowly recuperates or in my case doing overtime for work.

Today’s question is a not so serious one. Someone asked me why is it that the Japanese shipgirls are heavier in fanservice in Pacific than the American ones.

My first answer is that they are not particularly more scantily clad than roughly a good 1/3rd of the Pacific cast. I happen to like sexy girls and think it is good to make them appealing to the eye.

My second answer is that I think it fits the characters. What a character is wearing says a lot about their personalities. Out of the ones shown almost all are fairly loud and energetic. Zao is prone to dramatic trolling so it works fine. To me it makes more sense to make their outfits be bold. In the times we live in to be bold means to show a little more skin than you would expect.

My third answer is that for many cases, it is a traditional Japanese thing to wear. While the fundoshi is a traditionally male garment it works well for a girl because it has the potential to be a sexy thong or loincloth. Pacific’s focus is on the American girls and I want to use motifs that is not entirely centered around the kimono to emphasize their Japaneseness.

Finally I have one really good answer. Because.